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General Certificate Education (GCE) January 2002 - Time Table

Date Morning Afternoon
5 January 2002 A Physics(Old Syllabus) Practical
7 January 2002 O-Level Urdu O-Level Bengali
O-Level Islamiyat
8 January 2002 O-Level History - C O-Level Maths A1
9 January 2002 O-Level Pakistan Studies O-Level Maths B1
10 January 2002 O-Level Maths A2
AS/AL Pure Maths Module P1 AS/AL Pure Maths Module P3
AS Pure Maths Unit P1
A Pure Maths Unit P3
O-Level English Language
AS/AL Biology/Human Biology Module B/HBI
AS/AL Biology Module B2
AS/AL Human Biology Module HB2
AL Law Paper 1
AS Biology/Biology(human) Unit 1
AS Biology/Biology(human) Unit 3 P3
11 January 2002 O-Level Accounting
AS/AL English Literature Module 1
AS/AL Government & Politics Module 1
AL Accounting Paper 1
AS English literature Unit 1
AS English literature Unit 2
AS Government & Politics Unit 1
AS Government & Politics Unit 2
AS Physics Unit 3A(Practical) New Syllabus
AS/AL Chemistry Module CH1
AS/AL Chemistry Module CH2
AS Chemistry Unit 1
14 January 2002 O-Level Biology 1
AS/AL Physics Module 1
AS/AL Physics Module 2
AL Law Paper 2
AS Physics Unit 1
O-Level Maths B2
AS/AL Machanics Module M 1
AS/AL Machanics Module M 3 AS Business Studies Unit 1
AS Business Studies Unit 2
AS Machanics Unit M1
A Machanics Unit M3
15 January 2002 O-Level Chemistry 1
O-Level Geography 1
AS English Language Unit 1
AS English Language Unit 3B
AS English Literature Unit 3B
16 January 2002 O-Level Biology 2
AS/AL Statistics Module T1
AS/AL Statistics Module T3
O-Level Maths A 3
AL Biology Module B3
AL Human Biology Module HB3
AS Biology Unit 2B
17 January 2002 O-Level Chemistry 2
AL English Literature Module 2
AS English Literature Module 7
AS/AL English Language Module 9
AL English Language Module 10
AS English Language Unit 2
O-Level Commerce
AL Physics Module 3
AL Physics Module 4
AL Accounting Paper 2
AS Physics Unit 3(Topics)
18 January 2002 O-Level Economics
AL Chemistry Module CH3
AL Chemistry Module CH4
AL Economics Paper 1
AS Chemistry Unit 2
AS Chemistry Unit 3B
AS Economics Unit 1
AS Economics Unit 2
O-Level French 1 and 2
AS Decision Maths Unit DI
21 January 2002 O-Level English Literature
AS/AL Pure Math Module P2
AS/AL Pure Math Module P4
A Pure Maths Unit P2
A Pure Maths Unit P4
O-Level Physics 1
AL Economics Paper 2
AS Economics Unit 3
22 January 2002 O-Level Human Biology 1
AL Government & Politics Module 2
AL Government & Politics Module 3
AL Government & Politics Module 4
AL Government & Politics Module 5
AL Government & Politics Module 6
AS Government & Politics Unit 3
O-Level Geography 2
AS Business Studies Unit 3
A Physics Unit 4
23 January 2002 O-Level Physics 2
AL Biology B6
AL Human Biology Module HB6
O-Level Pure Maths 1
AS/AL Statistics Module T20
A Statistics Unit S2
24 January 2002 O-Level French 3
AL Chemistry(Synoptic) Module CH6
AL English Literature Module 4
AL English Language Module 11
O-Level Pure Maths 2
25 January 2002 O-Level Human Biology 2
AS/AL Machanics Module M2
AS/AL Machanics Module M4
A Machanics Unit M2
26 January 2002 A Chemistry Practical (Old Syllabus)  
28 January 2002 AL Physics Module 6
Business Studies Unit 4
AL Economics Paper 3
AL English Language Module 12
29 January 2002 AL Biology/Human Biology Module B/HB8 WTA1 & WTA2
31 January 2002 AS Chemistry Practical Test(New Syllabus)
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