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Follow-up to Santa Lucia summer school
  Telma Gimenez, Brazil

The group that participated in Santa Lucia summer school has been in contact through e-mail and I am glad to report on some of their achievements after that event:

1. The creation of APLIAL - Associacao de Professores de Lingua Inglesa da America Latina, with the purpose of complementing ELTeCS scope by reaching members mainly through a printed newsletter. After successfully applying for a bid to ELTeCS the group is moving ahead with the association.

2. Several presentations about the summer school have been made, as well as presenta- tions based on the themes discussed in Santa Lucia. These include:

  • The Brazilian team had a chance of presenting reports of the summer school in several events throughout the country, as well as publishing them in teachers association newsletters

  • Eleussis Cesconeto from Brazil, in addition to returning to Cuba with her group of professional colleagues for an Education conference, presented several workshops using the same course format to school teachers in the state of Santa Catarina.

3. Possibilities for partnerships among the participants have arisen. The Brazilian participants are preparing courses to be offered to teachers in three modules of forty hours as a result of the questionnaires they applied. The questionnaire was their final project at Santa Lucia.

4. Aida Mercado has completed her postgraduate degree about autonomous learning with Cuban colleagues.

5. Mary Jane Abrahms reports from Chile that a National Training Network for Primary and Secondary Teachers is a direct product of the two Santa Lucia weeks. She writes:

It has meant a great effort on the part of the six most traditional and best known centres where teachers of English are trained and we`re working together in a very ambitious project which we expect will have local and international repercussions. We`re still in the face-to-face phase, need a bit more know-how to start the distance phase.

She also reports that she is involved in the writing of secondary text books as one of the activities derived from the Educational Reform in Chile, and included some ideas that were discussed in August concerning text books and motivation.

We hope we will continue hearing from the participants about their successes.

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