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Teacher Development

English language courses for EFL teachers in Rio Grande do Sul - a success story. December 2001.

The power of language learning. September 2001

Teachers' associations meet in Budapest. November 2000

ELTeCS East Asia INSETT Forum. Malaysia. March 2001

ELT workshop in Jammu Cantonment. India.

Hornby-ELTeCS Summer School. Cuba. August 2000

Summer school in St Lucia: a trainer's perspective. Cuba. August 2000

Learners' independence. Slovakia. December 2000

How to disseminate a successful in-service training model. Russia. December 2000

Quality assurance and self-assessment workshop. Romania. September 2000.

Presentation skills workshop. Azerbaijan. March 2000

Practitioners' research forum. Hungary January 2000

National Teacher Training Symposium. Peru. 2000

Teaching English to Young Learners and Heterogeneous Classes. Czech Republic. November 1999

International Dissemination seminar. Russia. September 1999

Drama in language teaching. Czech Republic. July 1999

The British Council INSETT summer courses. Czech Republic. 1999

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