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  Main office - Dhaka
  Teaching Centre - Dhaka

  Main Office  
  Street address   5 Fuller Road, Dhaka 1000

  Telephone   + 880 (0)2 861 8905-7
+ 880 (0)2 861 8867-8

  Fax   + 880 (0)2 861 3375
+ 880 (0)2 861 3255 (DATS)


  Web Site

  Office hours (GMT+ 6 Hrs)   Sunday-Thursday 09:00-16:00

  Library & Information Centre
(GMT+ 6 Hrs)
  Saturday-Wednesday 10:00-1800

  Director   Dr June Rollinson

  Deputy Director   Charles Nuttall

  Assistant Director   Heather Forbes

  Executive Assistant to the Director

Agatha Gomes


  Assistant Director Management
Badrul Khan

  Administrative Officer
Syed Mohammed Reza

  Administrative Officer
Mustafa Kamal Pasha
  Administrative Officer
Zakir Hossain
  Finance Unit  
  Finance Manager Mahbubul Abedin

  Accounts Manager Dewan A. Taher

  Accountant Mahbubul Haque

  Accountant   Ashraful Haque

  Accountant   Apel Mahmood

  IT Unit  
  IT Manager   Hasan Shahriar

  IT Officer   Ariful Islam

  Education Promotion & Marketing Services  
  Education Promotion and Marketing Manager   Raiqah Ripa Walie

  Education Promotion Officer   Shajeda Khatun

  Marketing Services Officer   Shakila Azim

  Culture & Science Programme Manager   Syed Masud Hossain

  Culture & Science Programme Officer   Leila Khaled

  Library & Information Services (LIS)


  Information Services Manager   Christopher Gomes

  Young Learners Centre Officer  

Raquel Amond


  Information Services Officer (Books)   Dilara Begum

  Information Services Officer (IT)   Shishir Paul

  Assistant Director Development   Tayyeba Nasir

  Assistant Finance Officer   Md Omar Faruque

  Links Officer   Sangeeta Barua

  Training Officer   Khandaker Ahsanuddin

  Training Officer   Shamim Ahmed

  Governance & Gender Unit  
  Governance& Gender Programme Officer   Shabnaaz Zahereen

  Governance & Gender Finance Officer   Riffat Jahan


Examinations Unit

  Examinations Services Manager   Saidur Rahman

  Deputy Examinations Services Manager   Mohua Rashid

  Examinations Services Officer   Jesmin Ferdous

  Examinations Services Officer   Harun ar Rasid

  Teaching Centre - Dhaka

  Street address   British Council Teaching Centre,
754b Satmasjid Road,
Dhanmondi 1205

  Office hours (GMT+ 6 Hrs)   Sunday-Thursday 8:30-7:30

  Telephone   + 880 (0)2 911 6171
+ 880 (0)2 911 6545
+ 880 (0)2 9145557-8

  Fax   + 880 (0)2 811 6554


  Teaching Centre Manager /
Country Exam Manager
  Mark Bartholomew

  Assistant Director of Studies   Martha Gibson

  Senior Teacher, Business   Simon Hunt

  Registrar   Hannan Sarker

  Assistant Registrar   Maria Johnson


Office Adminstrator TC

  Nizam Uddin Khan

  Electronic Learning Co-ordinator   Masood Anwar


Students Counsellor



A. H. M. Ariful Islam

  SAC Co-ordinator   Salam Kha
  Teaching Centre - Teachers   Staff list
  Street address  

77/A East Nasirabad
(behind Chittagong Shopping Complex)


  Telephone   + 880 (0) 31 657884 - 6



  + 880 (0) 31 657881
  BHC Commercial Office   + 880 (0) 31 657882

  E-mail (Office)

  Office hours (GMT+6 Hrs)   Saturday-Thursday 11:00-19:00

  Library & Information Centre
(GMT+ 6 Hrs)
  Sunday-Wednesday 12:00-20:00

  Library & Information Centre
(GMT+ 6 Hrs)
  Saturday 10:00-20:00

  Director, Chittagong   Julia M Crockett

  Information Services Manager   Tasneem Abedin

  Information Services Officer   Abu Taher

  Young Learners' Centre Officer   Kamrun Nahar Begum

  Education Promotion Officer   Syed Abdul Ahad

  Examinations Services Officer   Vacant

  Teaching Centre Registrar, Chittagong   Shamsuddin Shafi

Strengthening Health and Population for the Less Advantaged (SHAPLA)

  International Programme Director   Rob McQuiston

  International Programme Director   Gordon Peters

  Office Manager   Paul Roy

  Programme Officer   Meher Nigar

  Programme Officer   Syed Ahmed Ali

  Programme Officer   Maqbul Hossain

  Programme Officer   Nasreen Sultana

  Administrative Assistant   Shahin Reza



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