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Library and Information Services - Chittagong
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The British Council library first opened its door in the port city of Chittagong in 1958. Today, as before, it continues to provide quality library and information services to a wide range of users.

The library offers a variety of services to the public, government, academic and research bodies; business and professional groups; teachers and students of English medium institutions; students intending to study in Britain and others who are interested in reading or learning more about Britain.

Quite simply, it is the place to go for information on British innovation and expertise.


The library has an up-to-date collection of

  • 7881 volumes of books
  • 162 volumes of ELT audio cassette tapes
  • 120 titles of documentary videos
  • 207 titles of children videos
  • 32 titles of periodicals and newspapers

Our collection includes:

  • Computer science
  • Economics and Accountancy
  • English language
  • English literature
  • Fiction
  • Focus on Britain
  • General Reference
  • GCE text books
  • Law
  • Management
  • Medicine

The library is newly equipped with wide range of electronic information resources including Internet and CD-ROM access to exploit British resources, a range of bibliographies & educational databases and multimedia CD-ROM's.

For enquiries about our libraries

Services and facilities

  • Lending of books, videos and periodicals
  • Access to information via the Internet and CD-ROMs
  • Reference and information services on Britain
  • Information on British education and training
  • Advice and assistance on full-time higher and further education in the UK
  • Provision of booklists for any subject from our CD-ROM facilities
  • In-house video viewing
  • In-house use of audio cassettes
  • On line Public Access Catalogue (OPAC)

Renewal :

We offer a renewal service for items by telephone but only for the first renewal. Thereafter, renewals must be done in person and a maximum of two renewals are allowed on each book/video/periodical, provided they have not been reserved by another member.

Photocopies and computer print-outs :

Our photocopy service is restricted to library materials only and members must abide by British copyright Law. The charge per page is Tk. 2.00. Printouts of data from CD-ROM's and Internet searches are Tk. 5.00 for each page.


A reservation slip needs to be completed for each book to be reserved. Reservation costs Tk. 10.00 per book.

Education enquiries

Our Education Information Officer Syed Ahad, will answer any query you may have with regards to studying and living in the UK. You can get information on the following.

  • Undergraduate studies
  • Postgraduate studies
  • Distance learning
  • Accreditation of courses
  • Filling your UCAS form
  • Scholarships and grants
  • Links between Universities
  • Seminars and short courses in the UK
  • Accommodation, living expenses and other tips to make your stay in the UK enjoyable.

For enquiries about studying in the UK:

Internet and CD-ROM services :

The British Council, Chittagong has a good set up of an Internet and CD-ROM service area. The area offers public access to the Internet and CD-ROM services. We have four terminals available for browsing, searching etc. We also have printing facilities should you require them.

How do I join ?

We welcome children, students and adults who are interested in becoming members of the library for their leisure, work and study needs.

Lending, reading room and in-house services are open to members only. Although the services and stock are directed mainly towards the professionals and postgraduates, membership is open to everybody and is renewable annually. Membership forms are available at the Reception Desk in the library. Please complete and have attested (where necessary) the application form and pay the membership fee applicable to become a member of the library. Membership fees and facilities are as follows,

General Member - Tk.650.00 per annum
Entitles you to borrow up to 4 books or 3 books plus 3 back issue periodicals for 3 weeks.

Student Member - Tk.500.00 per annum
Entitles you to borrow up to 4 books at a time for 3 weeks.

Corporate Member - Tk.5500.00
Entitles you to borrow up to 25 books for 8 weeks and 5 educational videos for 1 week.

Young learners' Member - Tk.1200 per annum
Entitles you to borrow up to 2 books and 2 videos for 1 week.

Young Learners' Centre Corporate Member - Tk.7500.00
Entitles you to borrow up to 15 books and 5 videos for 2 week.

Library opening hours :

Sunday to Wednesday : 1200 to 8.00pm
Saturday 10.00 am - 8.00pm


British Council, Chittagong
77/A East Nasirabad
(behind Chittagong Shopping Complex)
Telephone +88(031) 657884 - 6
Fax +88(031) 657881

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