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BOND Scheme

Q Want to find out more about overseas markets and export possibilities?
Q Want to develop links between your company and an overseas counterpart?
Q Working on a limited budget?

BOND is a UK Trade & Investment initiative, managed by the British Council, which provides UK companies with low-cost introductions to potential business partners in key developing international markets. High quality professionals, selected through the worldwide network of British Council offices overseas, are assigned to UK companies for up to twelve months. The flexibility of the Scheme ensures that it can be tailored to suit most business needs.

Initially, work placements will be made with UK companies in the industrial and commercial sectors of: Information Technology . Oil, Gas & Petrochemicals Power Generation . Telecommunications . Automotive . Water Development Agro-Industrial . Construction . Environment . Food & Drink . Health Care . Finance and Tourism.

Follow the link for a list of current BOND vacancies

'We recognise the importance and relevance of establishing and developing long-lasting partnerships between British companies and professionals from other countries. This is the main purpose of BOND - to provide British companies with introductions to high-quality professionals in key industrial sectors from important developing international markets'.

Rob Mc Kim, Head, Education & Training Exports Business Group, UK Trade & Investment.


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