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  Exams Manager: U Kyaw Htin

Our objectives are to promote British examinations and their international reputation, and to help improve the results of Myanmar candidates by helping teachers improve their standards. The exams team also takes care to select the most appropriate courses and exams for the local candidates. In Yangon and Mandalay we are a team of 7, and we have a pool of about 70 invigilators and EFL/IELTS examiners. There are, at present, about 20,000 exams a year in Myanmar: accounting, business studies, information technology, management, engineering, English and English teaching, gemmology, medical registration (MRCP), and a variety of GCE exams.

Gemmology exam practical
The British Council is the local agent preferred by both the local schools and the UK examination boards, making all the arrangements including advertising, registration, collecting fees, providing examination halls, invigilation, oral exams and sending completed papers back to Britain.

Information on exams registration contact :

Examination officer May Win Than

78, Kanna Road
PO Box 638
Telephone (951) 254658
Fax (951) 245345

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