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Jamaica Jubilee Poetry

Photos show Jason Green, from Boys' Town All Age School, and Janieve Tate, from Kingston Technical High School, reading their poems for the audience at the Awards Ceremony for the Jamaica Jubilee Photography Competition on Wednesday 20 February 2002. These poems are featured in the WebI School Calendar 2002/03.

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The Queen and Me by Jason Green (10 yrs old)
Oh Queen! by Janieve Tate

      The Queen and Me

      I do not know Queen Elizabeth
      But I hope to see her soon;
      For she is coming to my school
      She'll be coming before noon.

      It is her Golden Jubilee
      That is what I am told
      She is reigning for fifty years,
      From she was twenty-five years old.

      She must be feeling very proud
      About her Golden Jubilee
      But I am feeling proud too,
      For she is coming to visit me.

      by Jason Green
      Boys' Town All Age School

      Oh Queen!

      They sang, "Jubilee, Jubilee, this is the
      year of Jubilee, Queen Victoria set us
      free, Queen Victoria set us free"

      and how they sang years ago!

      And you were with your girl's hair
      free in the wind,

      doing girl's things years after.

      And the Prince saw you, modest and fine
      you did every and anything ladies do,

      and he saw you, oh what a coronation!

      You were the sportswoman of
      equestrian blue.

      a flower in the castle.

      From the jewel in the crown
      to a land of wood and water,
      four times you came here
      Through thick and through thin,

      When the world was cold,
      or when the Beatles sang, "Yeah,
      yeah, yeah"

      Oh Commonwealth, Oh Queen,
      the two within the other,
      a lady, a faithful, a grand
      and a liege!

      on this Golden time we can indulge,
      "Jubilee, Jubilee, you have reigned
      for fifty years, Jubilee, Jubilee."

      by Janieve Tate
      Kingston Technical High School
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