13th Conference of Commonwealth Education Ministers

Parallel Convention, Gaborone, Botswana, 28 to 30 July 1997

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As we move into the twenty-first century decision-makers and practitioners alike need to address the advantages and challenges of integrating IT-based solutions into educational planning and delivery and to ensure appropriate training for the fast-changing roles of individuals both in the workplace and in society. In July 1997 the 13th Conference of Commonwealth Education Ministers met in Gaborone, Botswana to discuss the challenges and solutions for delivering education through technologies and of planning education in societies that are becoming increasingly reliant on technologies.

For the first time ever, a parallel convention was held with the Ministers' Conference. On behalf of the Commonwealth Secretariat and the Government of Botswana, the British Council and IDP Education Australia organized the Convention. From the theme Education and Technology: Making the Transition, participants to the Parallel Convention explored the important issues impacting on the development of education in the Commonwealth through four components: the symposium, the exhibition, the showcase and displays. Copies of the proceedings on disk are available from The British Council.Click on symposium for details.





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