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Photo: The council-managed, DfID-funded Andhra Pradesh Primary Education Project in India has increased the enrolment of schoolchildren - particularly those from disadvantaged groups.

Global demand for education and training is huge and expanding. Britain's share of this international market, in which the Council plays a key part, is estimated by the Department of Trade and Industry to be worth over 7 billion a year and rising fast.

Britain has an international reputation for the quality and diversity of its educational services and is in a strong position to expand its role. Education and training is the foundation for future trading relations.

The Council, with its network of offices in 109 countries and established contacts worldwide, is strongly placed to increase the total share of the world market for Britain. Working closely with the Department of Trade and Industry and the Department for Education and Employment, the Council arranged education export missions, fairs, exhibitions and seminars in over fifty countries during 1995-96.

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