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The Council's global network of 185 libraries has half a million members who borrowed 10 million books, videos and tapes during 1995-96. In many countries the traditional lending libraries using modern information technology have become key access points for information about Britain.

In Korea, the refurbished Council library has become a one-stop shop for information. It represents the Council's Education Counselling Service which markets British higher education, the British Tourist Authority and the Commercial Section of the British Embassy. It also houses a reference section of books, video and audio materials with facilities for viewing and listening, CD-ROMs and British media publications.

The Council's Electronic Information Centre in Munich, opened by the Prince of Wales, is equipped with state-of-the-art hardware and software, on-line databases, the Internet, multimedia dictionaries and on- line journals. It has become the first choice for those who want information about British life, education, institutions and literature. Visitor numbers have increased sharply since it opened in November and it is a model for other centres in Germany.

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