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Working with education agents

The British Council has become increasingly aware that Education agents are being used more and more by students and parents in overseas markets. Research indicates that more and more institutions are using agents to recruit international students.

We see the main role of the British Council with regards to agents is to build the capacity of agents, working on behalf of UK education. If we are to work with agents as marketing partners, we recognise that we should be working with professional, highly qualified agents. To do this, we will work to share our education knowledge, counselling and training skills with agents.

In 2001, the British Council commissioned a report to examine the role of education agents in the recruitment of international students to the UK. In addition, three market reviews were undertaken in Japan, China and India.

The recommendations highlighted in the report have informed the Education UK agent's strategy, as has the consultation process we have undertaken with education agents, UK providers, British Council colleagues and international students.

The aim of the agent's strategy is to facilitate access to the best agents for students, parents and UK providers and to build UK institution capacity to work with agents.

Components of the strategy include:

  • A menu of services

  • Service delivery through the Education UK web site agent zone

  • Information and promotional support

  • Improving communications and relationship management between agents and relationship management between agents and UK institutions

  • Professional development and training opportunities

For more information about the agent's strategy and working with education agents, contact Jane Lowther, Marketing Services Manager.

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