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ECS membership charges for 2003 / 2004

ECS member institutions pay an annual membership charge based upon the type of institution that they are. The ECS financial year runs from April to March. Institutions that join ECS mid-term will be invoiced on a pro rata basis.

Please note that the membership charges for 2003 / 2004 have remained the same as for 2002 / 2003. Also, ECS UK no longer offers a centralised referral system, whereby institutions are charged a fee for students recruited and registered as a direct result of ECS referrals. Some British Council country offices may continue to offer this service.

Membership charges for:

Higher education sector institutions

Institution type Charge
University / University College GBP 14,398
Non-university HEI with more than 1,000 students GBP 9,764
with less than 1,000 students GBP 8,611

Further education sector institutions

Number of students (FTE numbers) Charge
Under 2,000 GBP 3,976
2,000 to 2,999 GBP 4,954
3,000 to 6,999 GBP 5,923
7,000 and over GBP 6,880

Independent sector schools & colleges

Institution type Charge
Independent College GBP 5,171
Independent School accredited by ISC GBP 1,495

Associate membership

  • GBP 10,331

Japan Group membership

  • GBP 2,688

This is in addition to the cost of ECS membership.

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