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Services & benefits for ECS members

ECS membership provides institutions with a significant resource which gives them a clear advantage in the increasingly competitive international marketplace. Benefits include:

ECS / British Council support of recruitment activity in-country

  • Raising the profile of Education UK

  • Tailored market briefings

  • The display and distribution of institutions' publicity and marketing materials

  • Tailored mailshots to key contacts and prospective students

  • Advice on working with local agents

  • Discounted in-country administrative services, e.g. appointment scheduling, interviewing facilities

  • Continuous professional development of education promotion staff

Market intelligence

ECS provides up-to-date intelligence in a range of formats to keep members up-to-date with the latest in-country developments and opportunities.

  • ECS-L - an e-mail mailing list facility providing up-to-date ECS news with a web site archive for reference, exclusive to ECS members.

  • ECS web site - an on-line resource which gives members access to information about ECS and its activities, links to market information, details of ECS events, full international student statistics, ECS research reports and Education UK brand news. Information specifically for ECS members is password-protected.

  • ECS market development plans - specific ECS education market development plans produced for priority markets.

  • GETIS - an integrated e-mail, web site and hard copy market intelligence service for the entire British Council network.

  • British Council / DTI market plans (available through GETIS).

  • Annual Market Development Conference - free of charge and exclusively for ECS members. The conference brings together key education promotion staff to update members on the following:

    • New developments and initiatives in the priority markets
    • Central initiatives and strategies
    • PMI updates
    • The global economic climate

Promotion services

ECS offers a variety of ways for members to promote their courses effectively overseas:

  • Education promotion events - Each year ECS organises over fifty education promotion events in more than twenty countries. In 2000, these events attracted over half a million prospective students. Some of these events are subject or sector specific whilst others are large profile raising events. ECS members receive priority, and often exclusive, access to these events and pay a reduced fee. Financial support from UK Trade & Investment (formerly Trade Partners UK) is available for many of these events.

    To ensure maximum participation from schools, ECS has developed 'schools zones' in key markets. Schools zones are a specific area for schools within an event with additional publicity, lower costs and flexible participation formats.

  • Distribution services - ECS members have access to free annual distribution of prospectuses and brochures to key overseas markets on an annual basis. This information is kept on prominent display in all ECS offices and is also disseminated to major contacts.

  • Publications and web sites - Getting the right information to potential students at the right time is crucial. To help institutions achieve this ECS have developed a fully branded portfolio of publications and web sites. In 2000 / 2001, 190,000 publications were distributed to 270 country offices which generated more than 8,000 enquiries from potential students. The portfolio includes:

    • Education UK web site - now established as the definitive gateway to UK education on the World Wide Web. All ECS members have a free profile on this web site, including links to their own web sites.

    • Campus UK is the first step in the student decision making process -- a lifestyle magazine aimed at students between sixteen and twenty-four. In September 2001 ECS launched an additional publication, Education UK Postgrad

    • The Guide to British Education (in two volumes) is for prospective students who have a real interest in studying in the UK. The Guide is only open to members.

    • The Directory of British Universities, School and Colleges gives education and careers advisors a one-stop reference guide to UK education institutions. This is exclusive to ECS members, who receive a free comprehensive two page profile.

    • Postgraduate UK demonstrates UK excellence across all disciplines, from sciences to business and the arts. It aims to inspire students to take their studies to the highest level in the UK.

    • Databank - This electronic resource contains logos, photos, course and other information. It is used by British Council staff world-wide and to produce the portfolio of publications and country-specific publications such as events or subject guides.

    • Translated versions of The Guide to British Education - produced each year according to market demand. Country specific Guides for China, Japan and Brazil are currently available.

    • An Education UK / Hobsons co-branded international edition of the Hobsons guide to UK boarding schools is being produced. This will be a key source of bespoke information on schools in British Council offices worldwide, and a useful tool for British Council advisors.

In-country services

All British Council offices overseas offer high level support and country / market briefings to ECS members. Services are charged at cost with significant discounts for ECS members. Although services will vary from country to country, they include:

  • The scheduling of visits to local institutions, government departments and private companies.

  • Advice on working with local agents.

  • Presentation and interviewing facilities within the offices or at an identified venue.

  • Administration services, for example, accommodation bookings, appointment scheduling and travel arrangements.

  • Media management services, for example advertising in local press.

  • Translation and printing service.

  • Facilitation of links with local institutions.

Professional development & consultancy advice

Choosing markets and promotional methods can be challenging. ECS supports institutions new to international student recruitment or those who are looking to adapt their strategy through consultancy and training services.

Professional development

ECS offers a number of one-day marketing seminars in Manchester and London throughout the year dealing with areas such as:

  • Developing an international recruitment strategy
  • Selecting and managing agents
  • Getting the most out of education promotion events
  • Gaining advantage in the international market place -- capitalising on the Education UK brand (in association with HEIST)

All seminars are delivered by marketing professionals with considerable experience of international student recruitment. The seminars are exclusive to ECS members who will be charged a nominal fee.

In addition, the International Marketing Programme is offered in partnership with the Chartered Institute of Marketing (CIM). The programme is a series of short modules aimed at upgrading and developing marketing competence and strategic planning skills.

Successful completion of the programme will result in the award of the CIM Advanced Certificate of Marketing.

Recruitment Advisory Service

Designed to provide strategic marketing advice to institutions, the Recruitment Advisory Service offers two-day consultancy visits from experienced professionals who have substantial knowledge of sector specific international recruitment activity. The outcome of the consultancy is a report which includes an assessment of the institution's position, future objectives, recommendations on internal and external strategies and an action plan for further development.

Consultancy is also available at a more advanced level for institutions considering changing or adapting their present strategy.

This consultancy is open all UK institutions, however ECS members are entitled to a GBP 400.00 rebate on the total fees charged.

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