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ECS membership services review

The British Council's Education Counselling Service (ECS) provides direct support to UK subscriber organisations seeking to export education and training services. This includes the provision of specific services, market intelligence and generic promotion for UK education and training institutions. It is essential that all these services are easily accessible, meet institutional needs, provide value for money and positively grow the UK share of the global education and training market. The British Council is therefore undertaking a major review of its promotional services to UK education and training providers, the purpose of which is:

  • To assess the effectiveness of the range of services.

  • To address the perceptions and needs of the UK institutions.

  • To learn of the changing requirements in the dynamic and evolving international market, particularly to position better the UK within this.

  • To assess what services will be necessary to best meet future needs.

  • To consider the funding implications of the above.

Recommendations of the review will inform the ECS membership strategy for 2002 to 2007.

Following the presentation of the conclusions and recommendations of the research [ ECS member login required ] at the 2002 ECS AGM, the ways of taking things forward [ ECS member login required ] in the immediate future have been established.

For more information about the ECS membership services review, please send an e-mail to or contact Yogita Patel, Assistant Director, Membership Services.

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