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British Council and ECS education promotion exhibitions and missions: an update on security issues

15 October 2001

ECS UK have been contacted by a number of institutions expressing concern about travelling overseas to attend forthcoming education promotion events.

ECS has been in regular contact with overseas offices who themselves have been seeking advice from their Embassies and Consulates. At this stage, their advice is to continue with the events as planned. The situation will however be continually monitored and institutions will be kept informed.

This advice has been taken in accordance both with FCO advice and from in-country advice from Embassies and Consulates. There are a number of risk countries currently shown on the FCO site, however for the education promotion events planned up to the new year the advice from the FCO is that 'All British nationals overseas should exercise caution, avoid situations where there might be tension and stay in touch with fast moving events'.

In instances where the British Council office has been closed to outside visitors, the decision will be taken by the Country Director of that office after consultation with the Embassy and Foreign Office and every effort will be made to try and reduce costs where events are cancelled, and information will be given after the next Board of Directors meeting in November.

To address concerns, the British Council are increasing security for the British Council events and are liaising with the exhibition venues and hotels on this issue.

If an institution decides to cancel their participation from any event at this time, then the cancellation policy as per the terms and conditions for attending ECS education events applies.

This also applies where institutions cancel due to insurance problems and lack of travel or personal insurance of staff.

Every effort will therefore be taken to ensure the continuing safety and confidence in British Council and ECS events and we thank you for your continuing support.

Details of the advice can be found at the following FCO web site:

All ECS events planned for the rest of 2001 are still scheduled to take place. Any changes will be communicated to ECS members and event applicants.

If you have any further enquiries then please contact the ECS Events Helpdesk.

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