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Indonesia travel advice

14 October 2002

In light of recent events that have taken place in Bali over the weekend of 12 / 13 October 2002, please find below guidelines from the British Council with regard to travel to the region.

Advice issued by the FCO on Sunday 13 October 2002 advised against all travel to Bali and against all holiday and other non essential travel to Indonesia at present. This includes travel to West Timor, Ambon in Maluku Province, Poso District in Central Sulawesi and Aceh. Following military action in Afghanistan, there have been protests in some cities in Indonesia. These may recur and visitors and residents should be careful.

Foreign office advice is expressed in general terms and cannot address the specific circumstance of any traveller or group of travellers who may be visiting the country in question. The British Council in Indonesia would like to assure you that they are taking advice constantly and reviewing messages from the Embassy in Indonesia who advise not just on the general local situation, but who also assess the situation in regard to the very specific circumstances of our exhibitions and independent institution visits.

The British Council and the Embassy within Indonesia remain in full support of visitors currently participating in the Postgraduate Education Exhibition. At present, acting on this advice, the exhibition which began in Jakarta over the weekend will continue to Bandung on Tuesday 15 October 2002 and Surabaya on Thursday 17 October 2002. Should institutions decide not to continue with participation in the exhibition staff from the British Council office in Indonesia will ensure that all the institution's materials are displayed at each venue.

For those institutions that have currently planned individual promotional visits to Indonesia we would advise that they contact Simon Giverin, Education Promotion Manager Indonesia, for further advice and information.

We will keep you up to date with any further developments.

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