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Professional development

The Education UK Marketing vision is to make the UK the first choice for education and training. This is achieved through supporting a framework for the development of a world-class international recruitment strategy for UK institutions and supporting a world-class international student recruitment marketing operation for UK education.

Key to this is the development of a professional pool of people from UK institutions and within the British Council whose role is to market UK education. Training and development is an important method for achieving these aims, in defining standards and developing international marketing capability within the UK education sector and overseas.

Through a consultation process during 2002 / 2003, an annual training programme has been developed around six strategic themes:

  • Proactive market development: providing strategic support for effective market analysis and business development planning.

  • Effective application of marketing methods and techniques: ensuring international recruiters are conversant with, and supported in the use of, a wide range of marketing and promotional methods.

  • Education UK brand values: developing capability for delivery of international recruitment campaigns that reinforce the image of the UK as a study destination that is welcoming, affordable, accessible and world class, and supporting UK institutions in gaining maximum value from the brand in promotional activity.

  • Quality of the student experience: from the enquiry and admissions process through to the provision of appropriate support services for international students.

  • Relations with marketing partners: forging effective partnerships with new marketing partners, such as education agents, to develop the market and increase capacity for education promotion overseas.

  • Capacity Building within the UK education sector: to maximise influence among senior decision-makers and policy makers to convey the value of international recruitment and its effective integration within broader corporate aims.

To further develop the programme of training and professional development for UK education providers, we aim to:

  • Extend the range and level of training opportunities to meet the needs of a more diverse constituency.

  • Provide further opportunities for professional networking and sharing good practice.

  • Work collaboratively with British Council partners and partner organisations to deliver more broad-based strategic support for international recruitment in UK institutions.

  • Achieve greater outreach and collaboration with apex bodies to support strategic developments, at institutional and sector level, to reinforce Education UK brand values and develop sustainable international recruitment strategies.

Processes for establishing training needs will be strengthened through a new member profiling process. A standing practitioner panel, bringing together considerable expertise from the ECS membership and British Council network, has been established to focus on the role of training and development in enhancing capability within the international marketing community.

For more information about ECS professional development initiatives, or if you have any suggestions or feedback, contact Yogita Patel, Assistant Director, Membership Services.

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