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Connect Youth is a department of the Education and Training Group of the British Council. We manage programmes that give young people international experience. We believe that bringing young people together lets them learn about each other and teaches them more about themselves.

Among other things, our programmes:

encourage young people to meet their peers on their own terms and, in return, showing them their community
encourage young people to participate and have a valid stake in society
contribute to formal educational development
challenge stereotypes and build racial tolerance
help young people develop skills which improve their employability.

Our programmes are open to everybody; there are no entry qualifications. We target young people who do not normally have the chance to go abroad.

The going abroad element makes our programmes attractive to young people.

We offer the following areas of activity:

For young people

Youth Exchanges
Youth Initiatives
European Voluntary Service English Language Summer Camps

For youth workers and all persons working with young people in the informal education sector (youth advisers, mentors, youth information workers trainers, etc.) we offer grants for:

Job shadowing
Training courses
Feasibility studies
Transnational partnerships
Contact making seminars
Youth information
Study visits
Support for quality and innovation
Seminars Language courses

We support these activities/programmes through a network of twelve committees across the UK. Please contact your local Co-ordinator before making your application for further advice and guidance.

We answer enquiries, offer an advisory service by telephone, attend information days and exhibitions, host a web site, publish information materials and a quarterly newsletter.

We organise delegation visits to build youth sector relations with new countries, or to improve existing ones. We promote study tours for practitioners to explore how other countries treat youth issues.

We support multiplier visits, or contact-making seminars, to help groups or organisations develop new partnerships.

We organise conferences on aspects of our work, fund training courses, and create training materials.

Our activities are funded by:

European Commission
Foreign and Commonwealth Office
Department for Education and Skills.

These pages are an easy guide to what a youth exchange is, what schemes are available, and how you can get advice on organising and financing an exchange.


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