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The British Council home page

National Youth Agency
British Youth Council
National Council for Voluntary Services
Eurodesk in the UK
European Commission – Education and Culture
The European Community education and culture web site gives information on education, training and youth; culture; media; sport; and information services, etc.
Enuresis Resource Information Centre
Youth 2 Youth
Aims to offer young people advice about work, travel, etc.
Causeway British-Irish Exchange Programme
The Causeway programme has been developed as a means of helping to strengthen and improve relationships between young British and Irish people. Activities funded include youth exchanges, advance planning visits, contact exchanges and special projects.
South East Europe Resource Centre
The SEE YOUTH Resource Centre has been set up to promote the participation of young people and other actors in the field of youth and non-formal education from South East Europe in the European YOUTH programme.
Commonwealth Youth Exchange Council
CYEC promotes contact between groups of young people aged sixteen to twenty-five in the UK and other Commonwealth countries through educational exchanges.
Youth Opportunities Network
Gives information on youth exchange, youth initiative, training course, networks, seminars and partner-search database for youth international projects.
Young Scot
Offers information and opportunities for young people aged fifteen to twenty-five in Scotland.
DFES Youth
'Young person's gateway' to connect to related sites.
Training opportunities and on-line publications for youth workers and trainers
Programmes offered in partnership between the European Commission and the Council of Europe in European Youth Worker training.
British Junior Chamber
'Out of hours' opportunities for young people aged eighteen and above to develop/refine their business, social and personal development skills.
European Information Network in the UK
This site provides a gateway to European information for the UK regions.
The Voyage, British-German Connections
Explore opportunities for youth exchange, language learning, joint projects and a host of other activities for young people between the two countries.
SALTO is a network operating within four of the European YOUTH Programme National Agencies. SALTO offers training courses, materials and coordination activities to develop the quality of the programme.
Connecting Futures
Connecting Futures is a new five-year initiative from the British Council which aims at building deeper mutual understanding, learning and respect between young people from different cultural backgrounds, by working in new ways and with extended communities in the UK and overseas.
This site has been set up by the Bradford Centre for Youth and Community Studies to provide a nation-wide portal for professionals seeking information on youth and community studies.
Database for European youth exchanges
This site has been set up by Association Eurotraining of Hungary to help young people search for potential partner groups for youth exchanges.
Recruitment website for vacancies and candidates in youth work, guidance, training and other youth support services.


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