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London Chamber of Commerce & Industry Examinations Board (LCCIEB)

English for Business (EFB)

Level: Four levels, from a test of a "survival" skills in written English and its use in basic office communication, to the high level ability to write and understand English for a range of business topics and in formats used in business communication.
Skills tested: Reading and writing skills in the completion of a series of simulated "real-life" business tasks, plus an optional oral test for non-native speakers at Second and Third Levels.
Availability: Available through recognised centres four times a year, in March, May, June/July and November/December, also available on demand.

Spoken English for Industry and Commerce (SEFIC)

Level: Five levels, from a basic "survival" ability to cope in everyday work situations, to a high standard of oral English with the ability to cope easily with any social or business situation. Specialist knowledge of business vocabulary is required at the advanced levels.
Skills tested: The speaking and listening skills required in order to communicate orally in practical work- or business-related situations.
Availability: Available on demand worldwide subject to minimum numbers in some countries.

Written English for Tourism (WEFT)

Level: First level is designed for desk and reception staff in a variety of travel and tourism roles. Second level is designed for those who plan and develop tourism services in administrative and managerial roles.
Skills tested: Reading and writing tasks based on authentic data reflecting the material most commonly used in the industry such as: booking forms, maps, timetables and brochures.
Availability: Timetabled four times a year in March, April/May, June and November through recognised centres, also available on demand.

English for the Tourism Industry (EFTI) - Group Award (WEFT + SEFIC)

Level: First level: First level WEFT + First Level SEFIC. Second level: Second Level WEFT + Second Level SEFIC.
Skills tested: Speaking, listening, reading and writing.
Availability: On demand, giving one month's notice throughout the year.

Practical Business English (PBE)

Level: An elementary to pre-intermediate one-hour test designed to test the ability to survive in a business environment using English as the language of communication. This means that candidates will have adequate language for short basic communication using business terminology and expressions.
Skills tested: The examination consists of fifty short-answer format questions in three sections - grammar recognition, business vocabulary and business interpretation.
Availability: On-demand throughout the year.

English for Commerce (EFC)

Level: Three levels, testing knowledge of written English at a basic level to its advanced use for business. A knowledge of business practice and the ability to discuss commercial and economic issues are required for the advanced levels.
Skills tested: The candidate's knowledge and comprehension of written English, and the ability to use language efficiently and appropriately in a business context. An optional oral test is available for non-native speakers at Second and Third Levels.
Availability: Entries must be made through a recognised centre. There are four timetabled testing sessions each year in March, April/May, June/July and November/ December, for First and Second Level examinations. Third Level examinations are not held in March. These examinations are also available on demand throughout the year.

Foundation Certificate for Teachers of Business English (FTBE)

Level: A qualification for English teachers intending to specialise in teaching business English or already teaching such courses and wishing to gain an introductory qualification in this field.

Skills tested: A knowledge of the specialist professional skills required of the business English teacher (needs analysis, course design, the client approach) and the associated classroom practices (group work, role-plays, using authentic materials). Candidates are also tested on their knowledge of basic business concepts and practices as well as their own "business English".

Availability: On-demand throughout the year.

Certificate in Teaching English for Business (CertTEB)

Level: CertTEB is for teachers with experience of teaching English for Business.

Skills tested: Assessed by a mixture of continuous assessment and written assignment, candidates are expected to display a range of practical knowledge and skills required to teach in this area including: business communication skills; teaching one-to-one, and social English for business people.

Availability: Available through approved centres, details of current providers from LCCIEB. The centres themselves schedule programmes; applications for course approval are welcomed from new centres.

LCCI Examinations Board
Athena House
112 Station Road
Kent DA15 7BJ

Telephone +44 (0)20 8302 0261
Fax +44 (0)20 8302 4169
Web site www.lccieb.org.uk

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