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Developing Global Citizens
Professional development packs
Primary pack image
  • Are you looking for ways to incorporate the new national curriculum framework for PSHE and citizenship into your school?

  • Do you want to interest and stimulate your pupils to relate to the world about them?

  • Are you concerned to equip children with the tools to understand and become active citizens in an increasingly globalised world?

These professional development packs (one for primary schools and one for secondary schools) will provide you with all you need to run in-service training sessions or stimulate staff discussions that address your particular needs in this area.

The 30-minute videos, each filmed in four different schools for BBC School television, include an interview with the QCA's Principal Officer for Citizenship, Jan Campbell, and show how teachers have imaginatively incorporated citizenship with a global dimension into their teaching in a number of ways:

  • through a single subject
  • through a cross-curricular approach to a theme
  • through discrete curriculum time
  • through whole-school or one day events
Secondary pack image

Each 20-page booklet features eight key activities, closely related to the programme, on the following themes:

  • what is global citizenship education and what will pupils gain from it?
  • are we doing it already?
  • reviewing existing themes of work and mapping the global dimension
  • teaching controversial issues and handling controversy
  • different approaches to global education
  • building on your own interests and experience
  • making the curriculum "citizenship rich"
  • participation and taking action
  • teaching strategies

A web site at http://www.ibt.org.uk will contain the complete video script, activities and links to other relevant sites.

Developing Global Citizens in Primary Schools and Developing Global Citizens in Secondary Schools were produced in partnership between the British Council Education and Training Group (Central Bureau) and the International Broadcasting Trust.

Price: £15.00 each, includes video, booklet, VAT and postage in the UK

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