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General Education

  There are a number of websites that may provide younger students with information: useful sites (teachers); useful EU sites (students); quizzes & games; statistics; art, architecture and music; festivals & stories; clothing; food and drink; the sciences.

There are also a number of other websites that may be of interest to students and teachers that can be accessed from the links index.

Useful Sites (Teachers)

My Europe projects, resources and activities for schools
European Schoolnet activities, resources and advice for teachers and students
The Virtual School from the European Schoolnet with separate subject departments
Europe Day an interactive site from the FCO
European Corner from Education.com
Eurodesk enquiry and information service for young people

Primary Department from the Virtual School
Special Needs Education from the Virtual School

The European Issue from the Teachers Corner of the Bized website

Europe in Schools electronic publication for Primary Schools

Eschola showing good ICT practice in Europe
Netdays Europe annual event encouraging online educational projects
PICT Projects using Information and Communications Technology
News- Latest Developments in eLearning from the European Schoolnet
European Schoolnet e-learning awards from eschola

World Bank for Schools information & resources for students and teachers
Europe at School promoting the European dimension in education
The Year of Europe 2001 from Birmingham City Council

Euroscola information on school trips to the European Parliament
Euroline a company selling products such as European flags
Jegro educational products for use in the classroom
Europe Day, May 9 find out about May 9, Europe Day

Europe in the Round excellent CD Rom for teaching about all aspects of Europe

Regional Training Network offering local training in the international dimension
Council of Europe In-Service Training Programme for Educational Staff

Local MEPs may be willing to come and speak at your school
Team Europe EC's panel of independent conference speakers

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Eurodocs Harold B Lee Library's primary historical documents from Western Europe
The History of the EU Europa's chronology of EU history from 1946 to 2001
Milestones of the EU BBC News Online history of the European Union

The EU at a Glance general information on the EU & its Member States
What is the EU? from the BBC Newsround children's website

Young Scot lots of information on the EU

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Dragonfly - Finding your Way navigate your way around the streets of Europe

European Map Game put the right countries in the right places
European Capitals Games from Quia.com
Capitals and Countries in Europe an interactive map from Your Child Learns.com
European Jigsaw and flag game from the mapzone

European Geography Quiz from Lizard Point.com
European Geography Test assess your general knowledge and skills in Geography
European Geography Tutor from Family Games.com

What if the Romans hadn't come to Britain game from the Grid Club
Village Settlers a quiz from Channel 4 Learning
Spanish Invaders a game about the Spanish Armada from Channel 4 Learning

The Eurogame manage a small company

Goethe Institut's EU Quiz celebrating the European Year of Languages
How well do you know the EU? a quiz from the Guardian Online
Europe Quiz from the EU in the USA website
Europe Day Quiz from the FCO

European Young Citizens Award from the European Primary Schools Association

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Key Data from the Bized website
OECD Statistics Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development statistics
UK Statistics the official national statistics website for the UK
A Community of Fifteen: Key Figures basic EU statistics publication
Eurobarometer the results of public opinion surveys in the EU
Infonation easy-to-use, two-step database that compares the most up-to-date statistical
Statistics links page UNECE links page to international statistical agencies

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The Art Department of the Virtual School

The Web Gallery of Art -Europe a database of European painting and sculpture
Art History by Movement from Artcyclopedia

Mythology in Western Art part of the Mythmedia project
The Cave of Lascaux discover the famous prehistoric paintings at Lascaux
Greek Art and Artists Greek artists, theatres, galleries and other art related links
The Italian Renaissance the Webmuseum's pages on the Renaissance
The Italian Renaissance Art Project about Italian Renaissance history and artwork
The Art of Florence find out about art in the home of the Renaissance
Bulgarian Renaissance Architecture a look at Bulgarian buildings during this period
Polish Masterpiece Paintings a virtual gallery of Polish painting
Spanish Art Spanish Arts.com portal to Spanish art on the web

The Tate Gallery information on the Tate family of galleries
The National Gallery the national collection of European paintings
Victoria and Albert Museum the world's largest museum of the decorative arts
The British Museum illuminating the history of cultures
The Albertina the world's largest collection of drawings, engravings and prints
National Gallery of Art discover the Danish museum for art
Art for Children from the Finnish National Gallery
Uffizi Gallery official website of the famous museum in Firenze
The Louvre official website of the famous museum and palace
Musée d'Orsay the impressionist museum in Paris
El Prado Gallery paintings at the famous museum in Madrid
National Museum of Art discover art in Romania

Michelangelo Buonarroti the famous Renaissance artist
Peter Paul Rubens Artchive's pages on the famous painter
Rembrandt the Web Museum's biography of the Dutch artist
Joseph Mallord William Turner the Web Museum's biography of the artist
Claude Monet the Mormottan Monet Museum, home of the largest collection of his work
Gustav Klimt Webmuseum's information on the painter and illustrator
Salvador Dali Museum the official website
Pablo Picasso the Online Picasso Project

Art, Architecture and Sculpture from the 18th Century to the 20th Century
Renaissance and Baroque Architecture thousands of images of buildings
Belfries and Beguinages two medieval architectural phenomena

Antoni Gaudi information and pictures on Gaudi's architecture

The Music Department of the Virtual School

Medieval and Renaissance Musical Instruments by South Hamilton Community School
Ludwig van Beethoven the Internet Public Library's look at the composer
Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart the website of the Mozart Project

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Festivals in Europe information about festivals around Europe
Advent Calendar from the Voyage website
Mothers Day a brief history of Mothers Day

Austrian Traditions and Festivals from the European Schoolnet
Sylvesterabend New Year's Eve is known as the Eve of Saint Sylvester in Austria
The Ommegang Pageant this colourful event takes place between 03 July and 05 July
Grandma March find out about Baba Marta celebrations on 01 March
Christmas in the Czech Republic discover the traditional Czech Christmas meal
Finnish Festivals find out about 62 Finnish festivals
The Ancient Religion of the Finns from the Virtual Finland website
Lithuanian Customs and Traditions information on Lithuanian traditions
Myths and Religions Lithuanian pagan faith
Seltinis and Shrovetide find out about these festivals
Il Quccija find out about this ancient Maltese children's tradition
Mnarja discover the Maltese Harvest Festival
Traditions discover Polish Arts and Customs
Slovaks and Christmas traditions find out about Christmas for Slovaks
The Tomatina of Bunol the famous Spanish tomato throwing festival
Swedish Festivals find out about Lucia, Walpurgis Night and many more

Mama Lisa's World Songs and Rhymes-Europe children's rhymes from across Europe
Myths and Legends in Europe MyEurope's myths and legends section
Tales and Legends of Europe from the Council of Europe website
Tales of Europe lots of tales from differnet countries
Legends explore the world of legends and why they endure

The Golden Girl a tale from the Council of Europe website
The Princess Libushe a Czech Legend
The King, the Juggler and the astrologer a Czech tale from the Council of Europe
The Green Knight a Danish version of Cinderella
I Know What I Know a Danish fairy tale
The Tales of Hans Christian Anderson lots of information about his stories
The orphan's hand-mill an Estonian tale from the Council of Europe website
Father Christmas find out about the man who comes from Lapland
The Battle of Song, A Hero Tale of Finland retold by Aaron Shepard
The Kalevala the national epic of Finland
Beauty and the Beast by Jeanne-Marie Le Prince de Beaumont
19th Century Short German Stories from the Virginia Commonwealth University
The Boy Who Wanted the Willies a fairy tale by the Brothers Grimm
The Brothers Grimm find out about the famous fables
Greek Mythology excellent interactive site from Mythweb
The Ancient Gods a brief description of the ancient gods of Greece
Hercules find out about the Greek God
The Legend of Csaba the mythical guardian of the Transylvanian Hungarians
Irish Fairies find out about Leprechauns, Pookas and Banshees amongst others
Irish Legends learn about the legend of the shamrock, the Blarney Stone and the harp
Giovannuzza the Fox an Italian myth about a fox from Coyotes.Org
Cinderella an Italian version of the fairytale
Pussy's water mill a short story by Karlis Skalbe
Legends of Luxembourg discover some legends from Luxembourg
The little boy who had the trees as friends a short story from the Council of Europe
Sinterklaas the Dutch version of Father Christmas who comes from Spain
The Legend of Smok Wawelski a the Dragon from Wawel
Custódio a tale from the Council of Europe website
Romanian Fairytales three fairytales retold by Marguerite Wolf
Transylvania- the legend discover the legend of Dracula
Augsburg a short story from the Council of Europe website
The Seven-Witted Fox and the One-Witted Owl a tale from Romania
Scut the Bull Elk and the Little Princess called Sedge Flower by Helge Kjellin
Lars, My Lad! a Swedish fairy tale
Beings of the Dark Woods of Sweden from Morion.com
Nasreddin Hodja some tales of the legendary Turkish trickster

Sounds of the World's animals find out the noises animals make in different languages

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Clothing and Textile Industry Europa's overview of the industry
OETH European Observatory on Textiles and Clothing

History of Clothing in Western Europe from Costuming Resources Online
The Study of Costume - Historical Topics from Costuming Resources Online
Ethnic and Folk Costumes in Western Europe from Costuming Resources Online

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EFSA European Food Safety Authority
Food Safety from the Europa website

I eat, therefore I am from the Eat Online website
The Mediterranean Diet find out why Mediterranean food is thought to be so healthy
European Recipes from educational website Eat-Online

Belgian Chocolate a wonderful taste story from the cocoa seed to chocolate
Trappist Beer beers made by (or under supervision of) trappist monks in Belgium
Bulgarian National Cuisine recipes and a folk calender from Wonderland Bulgaria
Bulgarian wine reference guide to information on Bulgarian wine available on the www
The Cyprus Wine Festival recalls the ancient celebrations in honour of Dionysos
A Cyprus Food Guide a taste of Cyprus
Danish Recipes over 600 recipes from Denmark
German Beer did you know that there is a strict beer production law in Germany?
History of Hungarian Wine discover 'Bulls Blood' and other wines from Hungary
Food an eLearning award winning website on food, in Italian
Traditional Lithuanian Foods compiled by Birutë Imbrasienë
Traditional Maltese Food lots of traditional recipes
De Hollandse Pot Dutch recipes
Food in Portugal from Virtual Portugal
Slovak Recipes from the Best of Slovak-World
Culinary Slovenia lots of information on food in Slovenia
Turkish Coffee rich in flavour and tradition

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The Biology Department from the Virtual School
The Physics Department from the Virtual School

The Chemistry Department from the Virtual School
The European Chemicals Bureau data for assessment of dangerous chemicals

Scientific Research from the Europa website

Scientific History links to scientific history sites

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