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European Policy Areas

  There are a number of websites that can provide useful information about different areas that may be of interest to teachers and students: different policy areas; citizen's rights; public health, social and employment policy; law; budget; environment,tourism and agriculture; transport; enlargement and regional policy; world relations; culture; science, research and development and the information society; funding.

There are also a number of other websites that may be of interest to students and teachers that can be accessed from the links index.

Different Policy Areas

European Union Policy Areas links to Europa's information on EU policy areas
EU Policy Background Briefings UK Representation of the European Commission
EU Policy Foreign & Commonwealth Office (FCO) information
European Parliament Policy Fact Sheets information from the Europarl website

EU Treaties Eur-Lex Treaties page
Treaty of Amsterdam information website for the Treaty of Amsterdam
Treaty of Nice information website for the Treaty of Nice

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Citizenship for Schools from the citizenship section of the ERC website

Free Movement of people & Individual Rights from the Europa website

Dialogue with Europe Europa's guide to citizens rights
The UK Online citizen portal portal for UK public sector information on the Internet
ECAS European Citizens Action Service
EPITELIO a site for citizens in Europe
AIRE Advice on Individual Rights in Europe

Charter 88 encouraging an active role in the political process
ECAS European Citizens Action Service
Eactivist encourages electronic activism and civic participation
Human Rights Council of European Human Rights website
Statewatch monitoring state and civil liberties in the EU

Charter of Fundamental Rights the European Parliament's guide to the Charter
EU Citizens Rights survey of European opinion on European freedoms
Petition the European Parliament find out about your right to petition the EP
Your Voice in Europe play an active role in the European Union's policy-making process
Committee on Citizens' Freedoms & Rights, Justice & Home Affairs EP Committee
Open Up Europe citizens' guide to the European Parliament
Freedom of Information in the EU from Statewatch
Europe Direct citizen's guide to the European Union


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EU Social & Employment Policy Europa's employment & social policy pages
The European Social Fund in the UK DfES information on the ESF in the UK
The Equal Programme DfES information on the Equal Programme in the UK
EU Employment Indicators European Teleworks Development's pages
European Centre social research, policy, information and training

Social Platform a platform for European Social NGOs
European Anti Poverty Network organisation fighting social exclusion
Social Exclusion EU and national social exclusion policy
EU Social & Ethical Clearing House provides links to Social & Ethical resources
European Foundation for the improvement of living and working conditions
European Trade Union Confederation pan-European Trade Union organisation
International Labour Organisation promoting & realising international standards at work

European Centre for Minority Issues concerned with minority-majority relations
European Council on Refugees & Exiles umbrella grouping of 70 refugee agencies
ERCOMER European Research Centre on Migration and Ethnic Relations

European Voluntary Service opportunities through transnational volunteering
Solidar European alliance of development, social welfare & humanitarian aid NGOs

European Network Against Racism news on anti-racism & discrimination law
European Monitoring Centre on Racism combats racism
ICARE Internet Centre- Anti Racism Europe
UKREN the UK Race and Europe Network
IFIAS Institute for International Assistance & Solidarity
Time Project a journal on tolerance

Equal Opportunities Newsletter Women Of Europe's Newsletter
European Women's Lobby co-ordinating body of women's organisations
The UK Women of Europe provides information about the EU

Eurolink Age concerned with older people & ageing

Health and Safety at Work European Agency for Health & Safety at Work
Health & Consumer Protection Europa's pages on EU action in public health
Public Health Europa's pages on EU action in public health
The European Observatory on Health Care Systems reports on national health care
EFSA European Food Safety Authority
Food Safety from the Europa website

EMCDDA European Monitoring Centre for Drugs & Drug Addiction

Centre for Europe's Children childrenís welfare, policies and rights

European Year of Disabled Persons 2003 from the inclusion Europe website
European Year of People with Disabilities 2003 from the Europa website
2003 - European Year of Disabled Citizens from the European Disability Forum

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European Court of Justice interprets and applies law across EU
European Court of Human Rights the website of the European Court of Human Rights
EU Justice and Home Affairs Policy Europa's Justice & Home Affairs policy overview
EU Legal Texts Eur-Lex website provides European Law texts
EU Celex offering access to EU texts and legal judgements
European Justice Network improves coordination of Member State judicial cooperation
Schengen Text text of Schengen Agreement on border controls

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The EU Budget pages from the Europa website
The EU Budget a briefing from the EC Offices in London

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Environment, Tourism & Agriculture for Schools from the ERC geography section

EU Environment Policy Europa's environment policy pages
European Environment Agency Europe's gateway to environmental information
EIONET European Environment Information and Observation Network
Environment for Europeans Newsletter the magazine of the EC's Environment DG
The Sixth Environment Action Programme information on the Programme
European Parliament Environmental Committee find out about its work
EU Funding on supporting projects to improve the environment

Environment Daily Europe's leading professional environmental news service

EURFORES European Forum for Renewable Energy Sources
EU Energy Policy the Europa pages

Eurosite promoting nature conservation
Institute for European Environmental Policy an independent non-profit organisation
ASSURRE aims to promote all resource recovery options
European Policy Office of the World Wildlife Fund
Birdlife International the European pages
Rivernet provided by the European River Network
European Freshwater Programme WWF information about freshwater
Blue Flag find out about the initiative to clean up beeches and bathing water
Coastal Guide Europe coastal management, planning, conservation and research
EUCC - The Coastal Union integrity and natural diversity of the coastal heritage

Tourism from the Europa website
EUTO EU Tourist Offices
Atlas Europe The European Association for Tourism and Leisure Education
Sustainable Tourism a network dealing with sustainable tourism in Europe

Environmental Reporting Clearinghouse online environmental directory
Regional Environmental Centre for Central & Eastern Europe environmental issues
Black Sea Environment Programme environmental organisation

Agricultural and Rural Development overview from the UK Representation of the EC
EU Agricultural Policy Europa's pages on Agriculture policy
Agricultural News Digest EC Newsletter on Agriculture

The UK and EU Agricultural Policy the MAFF overview of agricultural policy
Agricultural Products what the European Union produces
Agricultural in the EU statistical and economic information 2000
Agricultural Statistics Food & Agriculture Organisation of the United Nations

Rural Information Carrefours information for rural communities

Rural Europe focusing on rural development
Organic Europe information on organic farming in Europe

Common Fisheries Policy Europa's fisheries policy pages
Fishing in Europe newsletter from the Directorate-General for Fisheries

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Trans-European Networks Europa's information on TENs
Trans-European Networks transport guidelines
European Federation for Transport and Environment NGO for sustainable transport
Trans-European Transport Networks a presentation by Anders C. Jessen

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Enlargement Europa's information on EU enlargement
European Bank for Reconstruction and Development the website of the EBRD
A Countdown to Enlargement a collection of information on enlargement
EU Enlargement a special from the Financial Times
Redefining Europe the BBC Online pages on Enlargement
EU Map mapping the EU accession process
Central Europe Review journal of Central & East European politics, culture and society

A Progress in negotiations of Applicant States from the Slovakian website

The Phare Programme EU funding programme for Central & Eastern Europe
The Phare Address Book important contacts in the Phare programme
OCES Organisation for the Cooperation of European Students
Charity's Know How helping to revitalise civil society in Central and Eastern Europe

Enlargement Weekly Newsletter an overview of where European Union enlargement
Enlargement Research Bulletin academic thinking on enlargement

Structural Funding in the UK online publication detailing EU funding in the UK
EU Regional Funding in the UK find out about EU activity in your region
The Regional Development Programme in the UK from Inforegio
European Structural Funds IQ-Net aims to improve information on Structural Funding
INFOREGIO - Regional Information information on EU structural assistance

Committee of the Regions advisory body representing regional opinion
Assembly of European Regions a political organisation of the regions of Europe
The Quality of life in European Cities Inforegio's Urban Audit
Eurocities a network of European cities
European Municipal Directory information provider on local and regional government
CEMR Council of European Municipalities and Regions
European Institute of Public Administration aims to improve public administration
FEDRE promoting sustainable regional development
Local Government International Bureau news for local government

The Northern Periphery building cooperation in the northern most regions of the EU
Peripheral Maritime Regions of Europe a conference involving many coastal regions

European local government web site index from Oultwood.com

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The EU in the world the European Commission's external relations web site portal
Foreign & Security Policy Europa's overview on Foreign & Security policy
Common Foreign & Security Policy the Council of European Union's pages
The EU and the rest of the world the FCO's pages
ACP-EU Joint Parliamentary Assembly EP and African, Caribbean and Pacific States
European Foreign Policy Bulletin database of EU Foreign Policy documents since 1985

European Foreign Policy relating to a collective European foreign policy from the LSE

Europe Aid information on the EU's external aid programmes
Development Aid Europa's information pages on Development Aid
Euforic information on Europe's international development cooperation
Bond's EU work UK network of international development voluntary organisations
EURODAD European Network of Debt and Development
Europaworld development and humanitarian actions of Europe-based institutions

EU / Canada Relations find out about the relationship between the EU and Canadian
EU / Chinesse Relations find out about the relationship between the EU and China
EU / Japanesse Relations find out about the relationship between the EU and Japan
EU / Russian Relations find out about the relationship between the EU and Russia
EU / Mediterranean & Middle East Relations find out about these relationships
EU / United States Relations find out about the relationship between the EU and the USA

The Banana Game the social and environmental issues that effect the banana trade

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Culture Policy Europa's overview of Culture Policy
Culture 2000 Europa's detail of the EU's Culture 2000 Programme
European Culture Foundation promoting cultural cooperation in Europe
EUCLID information on funding, contacts, networks, publications & events
European Cultural Digest newsletter about European culture
Education and Culture Information the EC Directorate for Education & Culture

Cultivate Interactive digital heritage and culture
Art Nouveau saving forgotten heritage

Youth Sport providing sporting opportunities

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Research and Development Europa's Research and Development overview
EU Cordis Programme Research & Development Information Service
EC Joint Research Centre EUís scientific and technical research laboratory
CORDIS Regional Research & Innovation Service research & innovation activities

European Research Area EU research areas, policies & activities
EU Sixth Framework Programme Developments future EU priorities for R&D
EARTO The European Association of Research and Technology Organisations
Eureka gateway to finding funding, partners and expertise

Science in Europe science and technology awareness in Europe
European Science Foundation promotes high quality science at a European level
Human Genetics the European Parliament's Temporary Committee on Human Genetics

e Europe information for the information society
Digital Europe ...where ebusiness and sustainable development meet

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EU Grants and Loans Europa's information section on EU funding
Welcomeurope funding opportunities information
Structural Funding in the UK online publication detailing EU funding in the UK
Access to EU Funding from the Government Small Business Service
Co-Financing an excellent directory of the different grants available
TED Tenders Electronic Daily

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