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European Union Applicant States

  There are a number of websites that have information that may be of use to students and teachers when they are investigating the applicant member states who wish to join the European Union:
Bulgaria; Cyprus; Czech Republic; Estonia; Hungary; Latvia; Lithuania; Malta; Poland; Romania; Slovakia; Slovenia; Turkey; for all applicant states.

There are a number of other websites that can provide useful information and advice for the education sector that can be found from the links index page.

Information on Applicant Member States

European Governments Online links to government sites of EU & European countries
Applicant Member State details Europea's information on the candidate countries
Antor UK - Tourist Offices links to tourist offices of European countries
Embassies in the UK FCO's London Diplomatic List

Maps Atlapedia Online physical & political maps
National Geographic Flags and Maps mapmachine of the National Geographic website
European Member State Facts WTech gateway to information on European countries
Applicant States of the EU FCO's facts on the applicant member states of the EU
Countrywatch an educational site with information on different countries
Europe's Countries Geographia's information on different countries
The Countries of Europe Worldskip's information on European countries
A Look at Eastern Europe information on Eastern Europe
Economist's Country Profiles The Economist's pages on different countries
Political Resources for Member States Europoint Communications political links page
New Europe from the BBC's World Service with news from Eastern & Central Europe
OCES Organisation for the Cooperation of European Students

European Statistics simple and easy to understand statistics
OECD Statistics the Organisation for Economic Cooperation & Development's statistics
UK Statistics the official national statistics website for the UK
Your Nation Statistics based on the information in the CIA World Factbook
Statistics links page UNECE links page to international statistical agencies

Enlargement Europa's information on EU enlargement
European Bank for Reconstruction and Development the website of the EBRD
A Countdown to Enlargement a collection of information on enlargement
EU Enlargement a special from the Financial Times
EU Map mapping the EU accession process

The Phare Programme EU funding programme for Central & Eastern Europe
The Phare Address Book important contacts in the Phare programme
Charity's Know How helping to revitalise civil society in Central and Eastern Europe

Enlargement Weekly Newsletter an overview of where European Union enlargement
Enlargement Research Bulletin academic thinking on enlargement
Europe's magnetic attraction enlargement article from the Economist

Central Europe Review journal of Central & East European politics, culture and society
Maps historic maps from Eastern and Central Europe collected by the FEEFHS map room
Hungary, Transylvania & Slovakia Castles & Ruins: award winning site from studyweb
BASEES The British Association for Slavonic and East European Studies
Baltic Links a portal to Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania on the web
Institute of Baltic Studies contributing to the development of democracy in the Baltics
25 Lecturers on Modern Balkan History by Steven W. Sowards
Ballad supports cooperation in the Baltic Sea Region

Regional Environmental Centre for Central & Eastern Europe environmental issues
Black Sea Environment Programme environmental organisation
Protecting the Danube River from the ICPDR
A Green Corridor for the Danube from the Living Waters website
Carpathian Ecoregion encompassing the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Romania & Ukraine
The Grey Wolf from the BBC website

Minorities in Eastern & Central Europe a Policy Paper by The Minority Rights Group
Roma Gypsies from the Council of Europe Website

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Bulgarian Government the official site of the Bulgarian government
Wonderland Bulgaria a glimpse into Bulgarian culture
Info Please- Bulgaria information from the InfoPlease website
Britannica- Bulgaria information from the Encyclopedia Britannica online
A country study; Bulgaria from the Library of Congress
The People of Bulgaria a look at the different ethnicities in Bulgaria
The history of Bulgaria from Bulgaria.com
Bulgarian History information from the Virtual Library
Bulgarian History- an overview from the Balkan Information website
Thracian History a brief history outline Dimiter Markovski
The Thracian Tomb in Kazanluk by Dafina Vasileva
Bulgarian Renaissance Architecture a look at Bulgarian buildings during this period
Bulgarian National Cuisine recipes and a folk calender from Wonderland Bulgaria
Bulgarian wine reference guide to information on Bulgarian wine available on the www
Bulgarian wine the first Bulgarian wine trade site
Bulgarian yoghurt did you know yoghurt originated in Bulgaria?
Bulgarian art and culture Art.bg's wideranging site about the arts in Bulgaria
Cyrillic Alphabet the history of the Bulgarian alphabet
Easter Traditions find out about Easter in Bulgaria
Grandma March find out about Baba Marta celebrations on 01 March
Bulgarian Folklaw, Dance and Music a portal to Bulgarian Folk websites
Bulgarian Folk Art by Kalina Ginkulova
Bulgarian Folk Calender and Food discover Bulgarian cooking
The Golden Girl a tale from the Council of Europe website
The Martenitsas Tradition discover a Bulgarian tradition on March 01
Bulgaria's nature lots of interesting records and facts
Rose Valley find out about 330 years of history in the Rose Valley
Bourgas Wetlands a project to protect the Bourgas lakes
Bulgaria from space lots of pictures of Bulgaria from space
Bulgarian Geography The Relief, Climate and Waters of Bulgaria from BGTV

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About Cyprus information from the government website
Britannica- Cyprus information from the Encyclopedia Britannica online
Windows on Cyprus information about Cyprus
Permanent Mission of Cyprus to the UN
Department of Statistics & Research statistical information about Cyprus
Cyprus Tourist Organisation the official tourist board of Cyprus
North Cyprus information about North Cyprus
Famagustas & Salamis find out about these two Cypriot cities
Paphos some places to see
A thousand years of civilisation from the Your Cyprus website
Cyprus History from the Kids Infoplease website
Aphrodite of Cyprus find out about the guardian goddess of Cyprus
Charlotte Queen of Cyprus
The Cyprus Wine Festival recalls the ancient celebrations in honour of Dionysos
A Cyprus Food Guide a taste of Cyprus
Lefkara Lace embroidery preserved through the centuries from generation to generation
Copper copper can be traced back to about 3000BC in Cyprus
Green Cyprus discover nature in Cyprus
Marine life around Cyprus by A Demetropoulos of the Cyprus Fisheries Department
Did you know......... some simple facts about Cyprus

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Czech Republic

Czech Ministry of Foreign Affairs from the official government website
Britannica- Czech Republic information from the Encyclopedia Britannica online
Lonely Planet- Czech Republic general information about the Czech Republic
World Info Zone- Czech Republic lots of information about the Czech Republic
CzechSite Travel Guide lots of information about the Czech Republic
Czech Republic Statistics Office official statistics about the Czech Republic
Majaky an education site in Czech
Alik an education site in Czech
Jigsaw of Prague from the jigzone.com
Cesnet Czech Education and Research Centre
History the www Virtual Library links page for the Czech Republic
The Prague Post an online newspaper from the Czech Republic
Christmas in the Czech Republic discover the traditional Czech christmas meal
International Prague Spring Music Festival find out about the festival dating from 1946
The PRAHA Experience find out about the Czech capital
Czech Birds large woodlands make the Czech Republic a birdlovers paradise
Deský Krumlov Region find out about this region in the Czech Republic
Hnuti Duha Friends of the Earth's Czech Republic representative
The Princess Libushe a Czech Legend
The King, the Juggler and the astrologer a Czech tale from the Council of Europe
Milan Kundera offers lots of information about the author

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Estonian Government the official website of the Estonian government
Estonian Embassy in the UK the official website of the Estonian government
Estonian Institute information about Estonian society, culture and education
Estonia from the WorldInfo Zone
Britannica- Estonia information from the Encyclopedia Britannica online
Estonia in 10 Points from the Estonian Institute website
Country Guide from the Interim Estonian National Steering Committee
History from the Estonian Institute website
Dates from the history of Estonia by Tapani Hietaniemi
Livonian Brothers of the Sword from the Info Please website
A brief history of the Estonian Book from the Estonian Country Guide
Miksike a K12 site and homeschoolers
Estonian Language belongs to the Finno-Ugric group of languages
Estonia’s Folk Traditions from the Estonian Foreign Ministry
The orphan’s hand-mill an Estonian tale from the Council of Europe website
Estonia History Museum information from the history museum
Estonian National Museum the official website
Natural Estonia find out about Estonia's outstanding biodiversity
Estonian Vertebrates there are 484 vertebrates found in Estonia, why not find out more
Tallinn Botanical Gardens lots of information on plant life in Estonia
Tallinn from The Baltics Worldwide website
Saaremaa discover Estonia's largest island
Erkki-Sven Tüür (Composer) find out about the classical and chamber music composer

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Britannica- Hungary information from the Encyclopedia Britannica online
Hungary information from the World Info Zone
Hungarian Ministry of Foreign Affairs lots of information from the official website
Hungarian Government Portal portal to Hungarian government information (Hungarian)
Hungarian Embassy in the UK various information about Hungary
Go to Hungary lots of colourful tourist website about Hungary
Cultural Links a portal site for Hungarian websites
The Hungary Page from Hungary.org
Hungarian Homepage information and documents on Hungary
Hungarian Quarterly in-depth information on various aspects of Hungary
Minorities in Hungary Office for National and Ethnic Minorities in Hungary
Hungarian History from Hungary.org
Hungary: a short History by C.A. Macartney
Hungarian History from the Corvinus Library
1956 Hungarian Revolution from Hungary.org
Fine Arts in Hungary from the Romanesque period up to the mid 20th century
Traditional Music, Dance and Handicraft in Hungary Hungarian cultural links
The Legend of Csaba the mythical guardian of the Transylvanian Hungarians
History of Hungarian Wine discover 'Bulls Blood' and other wines from Hungary
Hungarian Cinema from Hungarian Film.com
Budapest information about Hungary's beautiful capital city
The Land of Thermal Waters discover Spas and Thermal Baths in Hungary
Lake Balaton find out about the lake and its legends
Hortobagy National Park the biggest National Park & a UNESCO Biosphere Reserve
Hungarian Inventors from the Hungarian Patent Office
Liszt Ferenc Memorial Museum information from the Encyclopedia Britannica online
Ferenc Puskas one of the all-time great footballers

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Latvian Embassy in Washington a thousand years of cultural heritage
Britannica- Latvia information from the Encyclopedia Britannica online
InfoPlease- Latvia the Infoplease Pages on Latvia
Latvian Tourist Board find out about a country with 12,310 rivers and 3,000 lakes
The Latvian Institute promoting Latvian culture and heritage
Latvian Culture sponsored by the Latvian Ministry of Culture
Culture in Latvia a portal site to cultural institutions
Virtual Latvia general information about Latvia
Latvian History- Kids Infoplease lots of information for children on Latvia
Latvian History from the Latvian Institute
Latvian and Sanskrit discover the similarities between the two languages
Ancient Latvian Calendar find out about important dates in the old Latvian calender
Latvian Names and Namedays find out which names are associated with which dates
Latvian Folklore various materials about Latvian folklore and traditional culture
Song & Dance Festival for Latvian School Youth lots of colourful pictures & information
Pussy’s water mill a short story by Karlis Skalbe
Latvian Seasonal Holidays from the Latvian Institute
Latnet Art Gallery find out about Art in Latvia
Latvian TV information the national TV station
Latvian National Symbols want to know Latvia's national bird, insect or flower?
Organ music in Latvia various aspects of organ music in Latvia
Latvia’s Forests find out about the forests that take up nearly one-half of Latvia
Forests in Latvia discover the work of the WWF in Latvia
Riga find out about the city from Latvia Travel
The Inventors of Latvia find out about the many Latvian inventors

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Lithuania- Britannica pages from the Encyclopedia Britannica
History of Lithuania the first time Lithuania was mentioned in 1009 in Qedlinburg annals
Virtual Exhibition of Lithuanian Cultural Heritage
Centre of Cultural Heritage from the Ministry of Culture & Cultural Heritage Protection
Lithuanian Culture & Tradition interesting excerpts from a book
Lithuanian Cultural Portal links to aspects of Lithuanian culture
Museums of Lithuania discover the museums of Lithuania
Gallery of Lithuania featuring Ciurlionis and Kalpokas
Global Lithuania Net a portal for Lithuania on the internet
About Lithuania from the Computer Network Laboratory
Lithuania’s Webcast site videos about Lithuania & the Baltic States
Traditional Lithuanian Foods compiled by Birutë Imbrasienë
Anthology of Lithuanian Ethnoculture find out about many Lithuanian traditions
Lithuanian Customs and Traditions information on Lithuanian traditions
Myths & Religions Lithuanian pagan faith is among the oldest of human spiritual creation
Seltinis and Shrovetide find out about these festivals
Lithuanian Dainos information on Lithuanian folksongs
Lithuanian Iron Crosses Lithuanian history, culture, folktales, and folk beliefs
Lithuanian Textile Patterns the unique qualities of this traditional Lithuanian craft
Lithuanian Roots an overview of traditional Lithuanian culture
Lithuanian Tatars from their arrival to the present day
Lithuanian Basketball League basketball is one of Lithuania's most popular sports
Nature Lithuania discover nature in Lithuania
The Samogitian Parks find out about these beautiful Lithuanian Parks
Kursiu Nerija National Park the most valuable complex of Lithuanian seaside
Lithuanian Fund for Nature conservation work in Lithuanian
Lithuanian Ducal Palace from the Lithuanian Art Museum
Vilnius discover the capital city of Lithuania
Vilnius in old photographs images from Vilnius in the past
Grand Duke Vytautas of Lithuania find out about the Grand Duke

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Britannica- Malta information from the Encyclopedia Britannica
Worldinfo Zone- Malta lots of information on Malta
About Malta links from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs website
Maltese History information dating from pre-history to the present
History a look at aspects of Maltesse history and a quiz
Ancient Temples & Early Maltese Civilisation from the The OTS Foundation
The Knights of Malta find out about the history of the order from Martin Micallef's site
History, Art and Architecture a portal from Crawford's Guide to Malta
Beekeeping in Malta why the Islands are renowned for best quality honey produced
The giant and the bird-catcher a short story by Emmanuel Magri
Il Quccija find out about this ancient children's tradition
Mnarja discover the Maltesse Harvest Festival
Traditional Maltese Food lots of traditional recipes
Environmental issues in Malta an environmental education site

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Britannica- Poland information from the Encyclopedia Britannica
Official Website of Poland a portal site for Poland on the www
Polish Government the official website
Polish Ministry of Foreign Affairs the official website
Polish Embassy in the UK find out about Polish activity in the UK
Polish Cultural Institute presenting the most recent developments in Polish culture
Frequently asked questions from the Polish Cultural Institute
History of Poland from the Polish Embassy in Ljubljana
Krakow discover this Polish City
Smigus Dyngus find out about Easter Monday in Poland
Traditions discover Polish Arts and Customs
Polish Folk Resources a portal to many different folk resources
The Legend of Smok Wawelski a the Dragon from Wawel
Lech, Czech & Rus discover why the eagle is the symbol of Poland
Wieliczka discover the famous salt mine museum
Castles & Palaces in Poland discover Poland's numerous castles & stately palaces
Malbork Castle Museum find out about the ancient castle of the teutonic order
Polish Masterpiece Paintings a virtual gallery of Polish painting
Polish Posters some interesting posters from Poland
Solidarity from Kids InfoPlease
Bialowieza Forest campaign to save the last primeval forest in Europe
The Milicz Ponds from Living Lakes.org
The Coalition for Wetland Protection(PROM) promoting wetland protection in Poland
WWF Poland discover the work of the Polish World Wildlife Fund
Nicholas Copernicus find out about the famous astronomer
Maria Curie-Sklodowska the Nobel Prize winning scientist
Chopin the life, work & traditions of the famous composer

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Romanian Government the official website
Britannica- Romania pages from the Encyclopedia Britannica
BBC World Service upto date news & listen to the World Service in Romanian
Worldinfozone- Romania information pages on Romania
Tourism in Romania from the official website
Romania in your pocket lots of varied information
National Institute for Statistics lots of Romanian statistics
Romanian Cultural Resources portal to Romanian culture on the www
Institute of Cultural Memory national project for the computerised cultural heritage record
Romanian Voice a cultural insight on Romania
Romanian History a virtual library on Romanian history
Romanian History from the Embassy of Romania in Norway
National Museum of Art discover art in Romania
Museum of the Romanian Peasant winner of the European Museum of the Year Award
Mask Making Rituals find out about ritual dances
Gypsy Music from Rootsworld.com
The Danube Delta from the Brasov Travel Guide
Geography from the Virtual Montana website
Bucharest find out about the history of the Romanian capital
Romanian Architecture look at some famous Romanian buildings
Romanian Architecture from the Welcome to Romania website
Saxon Fortified Churches of Transylvania discover a very special cultural landscape
Official Romanian Gymnatics Website including news from Romanian gymnastics
Romanian Fairytales three fairytales retold by Marguerite Wolf
The Seven-Witted Fox and the One-Witted Owl a tale from Romania
The Historical Dracula by Ray Porter
Transylvania- the legend discover the legend of Dracula
The Real Count Dracula from the World of Royalty website
The mystery of the Dacian Gold a virtual exhibition of archaeology
Constantin Brancusi look at the work of the famous sculptor
Eugene Ionesco the work of the famous playwright
Spartacus by Frank Smitha
The real Spartacus from the Channel 4 website

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Britannica- Slovakia pages from the Encyclopedia Britannica
Lonely Planet- Slovakia pages from the Lonely Planet website
World Infozone- Slovakia lots of information on Slovakia
Slovakia.org the guide to the Slovak Republic
Slovak Republic FAQ information about the Slovak Republic
The Heart of Europe fun and games on Slovakia
Travel Slovakia LZ lots of information about the Slovakia
Slovak culture from Slovakia.org
Slovakopedia an encyclopedia about Slovakia
Slovensko.com Q & As lots of questions and answers about Slovakia
The Slovakian Document Store varied information on Slovakia
Slovakia Daily Surveyor an online newspaper from Slovakia
Bratislava the capital of Slovakia
Slovak Academic Information Agency enhancing civil society & developing education
Slovakian History from 500BC to 1992
The Tatras Mountains discover the beautiful mountains
Slovak Caves some show caves in Slovakia
Slovak Spas Slovakia has a truly extraordinary number of curative springs
Liptov find out about this region in the heart of Slovakia
Pieninski National Park home of the Dunajec River Gorge
Slovak National Museum enjoy the Slovak museum
Unesco World Heritage Sites discover the seven sites in Slovakia
Spis Castle the largest castle in Slovakia
Bojnice Castle one of the most beautiful buildings in Slovakia
Slovak Recipes from the Best of Slovak-World
Slovak Folklore from the Slovak.com website
Slovaks and Christmas traditions find out about christmas for Slovakians
The Roma in Slovakia from the Slovakia.org website
WOLF Forest Protection Movement campaigns for the protection of forested mountains
Friends of the Earth Slovakia find out about environmental issues in Slovakia

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The Slovene Government the official website
Ministry of Culture find out about about Slovenia
Britannica- Slovenia pages from the Encyclopedia Britannica
Worldinfozone- Slovenia information about Slovenia
Country Facts information for children from Matkurja.com
Free Materials from Slovenia Tourism
National Gallery the main art museum in Slovenia
History of Slovenia from the Virtual Library history section
Slovenia History a brief history from the end of the 6th century to the present
Matkurja a portal to Slovenia on the web
Slovene Architecture- The Kozolci find out about the traditional building of hayracks
Ljubljana find out about the Slovene capital
Ljubljana Castle views from the castle
Bled Castle discover the medieval castle
Park Skocjanske Jame one of Unesco's World Natural Heritage sites
Cerknica discover the region and its famous lake
The Postojna Grottos find out about the famous caves
Slovenian Mission to the UN find out about Slovenian activities at the United Nations
Discover Slovenia interactive map of famous places in Slovenia
Thezaurus Slovenian Cultural Archives Institute of Slovenian Studies of Victoria
Fine Arts and Slovenians some famous Slovenian painters, composers and sculptors
Treasures of Slovenian traditional and contemporary craft and design
Augsburg a short story from the Council of Europe website
Culinary Slovenia lots of information on food in Slovenia
The Lipizzaner Horses the world centre of dressage founded in 1580
The oldest musical instrument in Europe? has it been discovered in Slovenia?
Jose Plaknik (Architect) one of the great architects of the twentieth century
France Presseren (Poet) interactive site with activities on the greatest Slovenian poet

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Turkey- Britannica pages from the Encyclopedia Britannica
All about Turkey from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs
General Information from Tourist Offices.org
Turkey- A Gateway to Paradise from the Tourism Turkey website
Turkey from the Turkish Embassy in Washington
Turkey- A country Study from the Library of Congress
Istanbul from the Kids InfoPlease website
Byzantium discover the glory of Byzantium
The Ottoman Empire one of the greatest civilizations of the modern period
History of Istanbul lots of interesting information
Turkey's Geography lots of information on Turkey
Turkey: Focus on Human Rights from Human Rights Watch
Kerkenes Dag a low granitic mountain identified with the sacred Hittite Mount Daha
Mesopotania the history of the ancient civilisation
Anatolia from Turkish News.com
The Mausoleum of Halicarnassus one of the seven wonders of the world
Hagia Sophia the Constantinople project
Virtual Sagalassos considered a state-of-the-art archeological research project
The Kerkenes Project discover an Iron Age mountaintop city in central Turkey
Zeugma 2000 find out about the city that is called the Turkish Pompeii
The Greek & Roman Cities of Western Turkey by Michael Greenhalgh
Dogal Hayath Koruma Dernegi for the protection of nature in Turkey
Uluabat Gölü from Living Lakes.org
The Institute of Nautical Archaeology surveying and excavating in the Mediterranean
Turkish Culture excellent portal to Turkish culture
Turkish Cuisine by Mehmet Yazgan
Kilims find out about Turkish carpets
Turkish Dancing discover Turkish dancing
Turkish Baths the ancient tradition of the Turkish bath
Turkish Coffee rich in flavour and tradition
Turkish Wrestling the spirit of the warrior lives on
Nasreddin Hodja some tales of the legendary Turkish trickster
Mustafa Kemal Ataturk the founder of the Turkish Republic
Mimar Sinan the outstanding Ottoman Architect

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