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The European Treasure Chest
for Secondary Schools

  The European Treasure Chest for Secondary Schools is a ready packaged, portable timesaving resource. It can be used for special events or in a normal daily lesson, along with other secondary resources, to stimulte classroom activities.

The European Treasure Chests for secondary schools contain a wealth of information in different formats on European topics and the countries of Europe. They contain: general books on the European Union; books on the countries of Europe; books on European topics; maps and posters; activities and games; CD-Roms; teacher resources; and flags for students to use.

The European Treasure Chests for secondary schools are available on loan from your local ERC.

The European Resource Centres can also supply a classroom guide, Europlus, that is aimed at children between the ages of 10 and 14 and has been designed around the national curriculum.

List of Contents of the Secondary Treasure Chest

General & introductory books to the European Union

  • Europe Today
  • European Union: a guide for students & teachers
  • What Exactly is Europe?
  • Your passport to Europe
  • European Union: key figures
  • European Parliament
  • Wise Up to Europe Resource Pack for Schools & Colleges
  • European Studies
  • Europe: places & cases
  • Europe: continents

Books on the countries of Europe

  • Finland: enchantment of the world
  • France: country fact fil
  • Germany: country fact file
  • Passport to Italy
  • Luxembourg
  • Netherlands
  • Portugal
  • Next stop Spain
  • Sweden: country fact file
  • United Kingdom: country fact file

Books on European topics

  • Philips Environment Atla
  • European Festivals book
  • Chez toi en Europe
  • Kennst du die Europaische Union?
  • Guten morgen Europa
  • Citizens First booklets
  • Living in Europe
  • Studying in Europe
  • Working in Europe
  • The European Choice
  • Welcome poste
  • Ultimate pocket flags of the world
  • Flags of Europe poster
  • Putting Europe on the map poster
  • Children’s Activity Atlas
  • EU map
  • Eurojazz
  • Money eyewitness guide
  • Sheets on euro
  • Notes on Travelling to Europe
  • Regarding religio
  • European Websites Directory
  • European Schoolnet

European Activities & games

  • Europe map puzzle
  • European jigsaw
  • Box of surprises
  • European activity sheets for A-level and GNVQ


  • Europe in the Round
  • Hello EuropeEurope for teachers
  • Partners in Europe
  • Europe Day posters & cards
  • Guide to programmes and actions
  • Socrates: Guidelines for applicants
  • Socrates for Higher Education
  • Comenius: Opportunities for Schools and Colleges
  • Education and Culture Socrates 2000-2006
  • Comenius Special


  • EU bunting
  • Member States bunting

Miscellaneous materials

  • Euro Treasure Chest container
  • Perspex book stands (x 10)
  • A4 Ringbinder(clear front pocket) Euro Activity Record Book

A European Treasure Chest for Primary Schools is also available.

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