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Learning World - back issues
PDF versions of Learning World, our magazine for teachers, can be downloaded here.

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Learning World issue 4 focuses on language teaching and learning
Download whole magazine
(size: 2.06 MB)
Download pages 1-4 (size: 865 KB)
Download pages 5-7 (size: 529 KB)
Download pages 8-11 (size: 594 KB)
Download pages 12-16 (size: 513 KB)

Learning World issue 3 focuses on Vocational Skills
Download whole magazine (size: 2,090 KB)
Download pages 1-4 (size: 475 KB)
Download pages 5-7 (size: 365 KB)
Download pages 8-11 (size: 500 KB)
Download pages 12-16 (size: 1,049 KB)
Learning World issue 1, Autumn 2002

Learning World issue 2 focuses on Special Needs
Download whole magazine (size: 3,340 KB)
Download pages 1-4 (size: 1,081 KB)
Download pages 5-7 (size: 390 KB)
Download pages 8-11 (size: 945 KB)
Download pages 12-16 (size: 1,407 KB)

Learning World issue 1, Autumn 2002

Learning World issue 1 focuses on Citizenship
Download whole magazine (size: 1,940 KB)
Download pages 1-4 (size: 725 KB)
Download pages 5-7 (size: 366 KB)
Download pages 8-11 (size: 791 KB)
Download pages 12-16 (size: 452 KB)

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