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What we do for schools, teachers and headteachers

Teachers and headteachers in the UK and overseas can check our our resources, find opportunities for professional development and information about school partnerships.

Learning World
Learning World magazine for schools
Termly magazine for UK schools

Events, competitions and activities with an international theme

DFID Global School Partnerships
Global partnerships between schools in the UK and developing countries

Share your passion for football

Dreams + Teams
Developing leadership and cultural awareness in young people

For schools in the UK and worldwide
School links
Register free on our Windows on the World web site to find a partner school

International projects
Visit the MontagePlus web site to take part in international school projects

Learn English
on-line English language lessons and information about English courses

Publications and videos
Guides to good practice
European Resource Centres
Information and ideas for school projects on Europe

Useful web sites
for schools and teachers

Contact us
Contact details
Education staff in the UK and overseas
For UK schools
Professional development
A range of study visit and exchange opportunities
21st Century Partnerships
Anglo-German School Curriculum Projects
European support for school partnership projects, training opportunities and Comenius Language Assistants
School partnerships
Further support for international projects
International School Award
Get your international work recognised
Foreign Language Assistants
Get help with language teaching from mother-tongue speakers
Education Counselling Service
Recruiting international students
China programmes
Support for links with China
Japan programmes
Support for links with Japan
Russia programmes
Support for links with Russia
French programmes
Support for links with France
German programmes
Support for links with Germany
East West Programme
UK-Ireland school partnerships
Lefèvre Trust
Exchanges between London and France
Regional network
Local support for international work
Visa exemption
For non-EU pupils on school trips

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