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Partner Briefing No 34 - June 2002

1. Leonardo da Vinci - new Call for Proposals

The Leonardo programmes Mobility measure is managed for the UK by the Vocational Partnerships team. It offers opportunities for professional and personal development for training/guidance staff, students, graduates, work-based trainees and job-seekers, by funding visits to partner organisations and work placements in other European countries.

UK Leonardo da Vinci web site

The new Call for Proposals was launched recently by the European Commission, announcing new priorities and deadlines for 2003 and 2004. The UK Call was launched concurrently and gives details of how programme priorities might apply in the context of UK systems, as well as mobility deadlines for the UK. For more information, please consult the www.leonardo.org.uk, or telephone 020 7389 4389.

2. Finding Partners

Socrates UK web site

We are currently recruiting participants for contact seminars or partner-finding events organised in the context of the EU Grundtvig programme. Grundtvig is the adult education action within the EU Socrates programme - see www.socrates-uk.net for further information.

These events will provide an opportunity to meet potential partner organisations from other European countries and to develop project proposals around the following themes:

  • Management Issues in Adult Education
    19-22 September
  • European Integration, Xenophobia, Active Citizenship and Adult Learning
    10-13 October

For further information, contact Louisa Baily on 020 7389 4689 or email louisa.baily@britishcouncil.org

3. Chinese delegations

In June, two delegations visited the UK to look at aspects of vocational education and training. The first, Principals or Directors of Curriculum from vocational universities in Guangdong Province, visited a college and a university in London and also several awarding bodies. The second, who were Principals or Vice Principals from vocational institutions in Hubei Province, visited various colleges and universities in the west of England and Wales. They were also given presentations by Fforwm and ALI. FENTO briefed both delegations on the standards for principals and lecturers.

Members of these delegations are always keen to establish links between their institutions and those in the UK. Arising from a visit from Hubei Province in November last year, at least four UK institutions have organised teacher exchanges or in-country programmes with institutions whose principals were members of the delegation. Due to the enormous growth in interest in VET in China, we will continue to have many delegations visiting the UK. If your institution would like to host a visit from a Chinese delegation, please contact nicole.delalouviere@britishcouncil.org

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