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Partner Briefing No 37 - October 2002

FET seminar in Mozambique

Between the 26th and the 30th October Ruth Gee attended a FET seminar in Moputo. The Minister of Higher Education, Lydia Brito hosted this event at which the Minister of Labour and the Vice-Minister of Education spoke. Baroness Kennedy also gave a keynote speech, providing a UK perspective. There were a number of recurring themes from the speakers such as the need for the FET sector to adjust to the demands of the market, to equip people with practical skills, the need to improve the capacity of trainers and teachers and improving the legal status of FET.


The Minister of Higher Education stressed the importance of an integrated approach by the different ministries and the need to find common areas of action. She expressed the hope that regional partnerships could be developed and encouraged, in collaboration with partners from the UK and the British Council office in South Africa.



Chongqing Pilot Construction Project, China

The first training workshop in this project recently took place in Chongqing. The British Council is working with the Chongqing Construction Commission, Chongqing University and the Chartered Institute of Building in the development of competence based qualifications at the equivalent of NVQ Level 4 for 20 site managers from some of Chongqing's key construction companies. Ten assessors have also started their training.

Participants in the Chongqing workshop This training workshop follows on from a previous workshop when the standards were scrutinised for their appropriacy to the Chinese context. It is anticipated that by the end of the pilot in April 2003, all nine units of the award will have been trialled, with each participant having been assessed for two units. The significance of this project has been brought to the attention of the authorities in Beijing, who have requested to be involved. If you would like to find out more, please contact matt.burney@britishcouncil.org.cn or nicole.delalouviere@britishcouncil.org

2nd Technical Conference and Exhibition, Saudi Arabia

Peter Clack has just returned from Riyadh, Saudi Arabia where he was a speaker at the 2nd Saudi Technical Conference and Exhibition organised by the General Organisation for Technical and Vocational Training (GOTEVOT).

The conference was a great opportunity to learn the latest on the development of vocational education and training within Saudi, and the way in which this development will impact on the crucial workforce nationalisation agenda.

One useful outcome of the visit was to learn about specific areas in the development agenda where further UK/Saudi collaboration might be successfully targeted.

Peter also ran a symposium on UK technical qualifications at the Riyadh Chamber of Commerce. This symposium focussed on specific examples of a UK qualification that had been adapted to the Saudi context and was now being successfully delivered in the Kingdom. The Saudi audience was clearly more receptive to concrete examples of existing and productive partnerships, rather than to discussing nebulous aspirations.

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