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Partner Briefing No 38 - November 2002

1) International Skills Partnerships: Winning International Business through Education and Training

In our October 2002 issue of this newsletter we alerted you to a conference we are hosting on the 6th February 2003 at the Shaw Park Plaza Hotel in London, NW3. If you are interested and would like further details of this conference, or would like to register, please go to the Neil Stewart Associates website.

2) National Meeting of the Tirisano Fellowship Programme, Deeside College

The third and final national meeting of the 2002 Tirisano Fellowship programme 2002 took place between the 21st and 22nd November at Deeside College. David Jones, the Deputy Principal, warmly welcomed everyone to Deeside College and gave a presentation outlining how Deeside College has adapted to continuous change whilst consistently improving the quality of the services it offers. Modise Manota, a General Manager from the National Business Initiative/Colleges Collaboration Fund, South Africa spoke about recent developments in the Further Education and Training (FET) sector in South Africa. There was also a combination of workshops and seminars facilitated by Tony Scaife from Park Lane College with input from Ann Lees from Liverpool Community College and John Macleod from Clydebank College.

As this was the last national meeting and Fellows were heading back to South Africa in just under a week, Ruth Gee facilitated a final session to allow Fellows to feedback how they felt the Tirisano Programme has changed them personally and professionally. This session highlighted how positive the experience has been for the Fellows and the strength of the partnerships and friendships that have developed throughout the course of this programme.

The national meeting was also the last time the Fellows and Mentors would all be together and there were many difficult (and tearful!) goodbyes. However, as with previous years of the Tirisano Fellowship, the friendships formed will continue and develop regardless of the distance between the UK and South Africa.

Details of the Tirisano Fellowship Programme 2003 will be posted on this website and will be included in an upcoming issue of this partner briefing, so watch these spaces!

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