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Tirisano Fellowship Programme

Background Information



Picture of Tirisano fellow

"South Africa to Leeds to meet the Captain of your national football team"

Bellinah Molaudzi (2001 Tirisano Fellow) with Lucas Radebe (Leeds United FC and Captain of the South African national football team)

The Tirisano Fellowship is a 5 year international exchange programme introduced in 1999 to develop the skills of some of South Africa's most talented college managers. The programme is part of the South African government's overall strategy for the radical reform of the country's further education and training system and wider transformation of the economic and social environment of the post-apartheid democracy.

The Tirisano Fellowship forms part of a bi-lateral agreement between South Africa and the UK. The key organisations in this partnership are the South African national department of Education, British Council (South Africa/UK) and the Colleges Collaboration Fund (CCF) South Africa.

This mentorship programme for middle managers involves FE colleges in the UK who apply to host a South African fellow and then plan a tailor made professional development programme which the fellow completes during the three months of their stay in the UK.


Picture of Tirisano fellow

"Doing the South African ceilidh"

Elias Tsotesi (2002 Tirisano Fellow)


The Tirisano Fellowship aims:

  • to redress race and gender inequalities in college management
  • to provide colleges with a skilled tier of middle managers with the knowledge, skills and attitudes that colleges will require to respond effectively to the needs of learners and stakeholders
  • to create a cadre of leaders for the colleges of tomorrow.

Report from 2002:

If you would like further information on the programme, please download the 2002 brochure (PDF file, 586 KB).

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For further information, contact:


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ETG: Vocational Partnerships
British Council
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