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Baroness Helena Kennedy's speech to BASELT

Read the speech made at the BASELT annual general meeting (26 February, the Bonnington Hotel, London) by the Chair of the British Council Baroness Helen Kennedy in Word, Amipro or Text

'The Internet and ELT' by David Eastment - second edition out now

Summertown Publishing and the British Council have just published:

The Internet and ELT

The Impact of the Internet on English Language Teaching
by David Eastment
ISBN 1-902741-14-5

The Internet and ELT is a short and clear guide to the practical state of the art. Teachers and managers alike will appreciate David Eastment's well informed and sober assessment what is now available and how it can be used to best advantage in practical teaching contexts. This book is based on a report commissioned by the British Council's English 2000 project in 1996, and a revision of that report carried out in 1998. It can be ordered through bookshops or, in case of difficulty, from the English Book Centre in Oxford: http://www.ebcoxford.co.uk

ELTeCS-Info December 98

The English Language Teaching Contacts Scheme (ELTeCS) publishes a bi-annual newsletter. The most recent edition is ELTECS-Info December 1998

British Council English Language Teaching Policy

Reputation  We promote the use and learning of English to enhance the reputation of the United Kingdom as a valued partner (and as the world leader in ELT).

Mutual Benefit  We always seek the mutual benefit of the United Kingdom and the people and societies with whom we work.

What we do
The English language   We promote English as the language of international communication which fosters professional and socio-economic development and creates opportunities for people worldwide.

British expertise   We provide access to British knowledge, skills and experience for individuals and societies, so that they have a better appreciation of modern Britain and its values.

British standards   We promote British quality standards, to enhance the position of the United Kingdom as the best global provider of ELT services and materials.

How we do it
Teaching Overseas   We deliver high quality English language teaching services to target audiences overseas through our network of teaching centres and by drawing upon British expertise.

Partners and networks   We support public and private sector ELT and the growth of effective networks of professionals in order to increase the impact of ELT provision.

Market leadership   We actively promote the United Kingdom's world leadership in the provision and development of high quality ELT services and materials in order to increase British influence and trade.

How we work
Funding   We provide a range of services funded either fully from revenue (e.g. our teaching centres) or from our government grant (e.g. developing public sector ELT overseas), or from a mix of revenue, grant, sponsors and partners (e.g. resource centres).

Partnership and learning   We work with groups and individuals to develop sustainable programmes of activity. We focus on agreed priorities for innovation and development, and rarely commit support for longer than three year periods to retain out flexibility. We learn from best practice in Britain and overseas and actively promote exchanges of skills and expertise.

Management   We manage projects on behalf of others, provided they are compatible with British Council objectives.

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