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The Internet and ELT (second edition)
by David Eastment

The Internet and ELT
Print: ISBN 1-902741-14-5
The Internet and ELT is a short and clear guide to the practical state of the art. Teachers and managers alike will appreciate David Eastment's well informed and sober assessment about what is now available and how it can be used to best advantage in practical teaching contexts. This book is based on a report commissioned by the British Council's English 2000 project in 1996, and a revision of that report carried out in 1998. It can be ordered through bookshops or, in case of difficulty, from the English Book Centre in Oxford: www.ebcoxford.co.uk
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You can preview The Internet and ELT or download the complete digital version from the Summertown Publishing website. You will need Adobe Acrobat Reader to view these documents.

The Language Machine
by Eric Atwell

The Language Machine free pdf download, 523Kb
Print: ISBN 0 86355 438 5

For centuries, scholars and scientists have dreamed of a mechanical device with the power of language. That dream is now a reality. The language machine, which will listen, understand, translate and speak is rapidly becoming a part of everyday life. This book by Eric Atwell explores some of the technological, social and educational implications of language machines in the next few years. Will we still need to learn languages in the 21st century?

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You can download The Language Machine free by clicking on the cover image. You will need Adobe Acrobat Reader to view this document.

The Future of English
by David Graddol

Free .pdf download:  918kb
Out of print

'a unique contribution to the mass of publications on English... establishes the British Council as a thoughtful and responsible manager of an important resource. ... I very much welcome the responsible management strategy put forward.'

Professor Jenny Cheshire, Queen Mary and Westfield College, University of London. Author of English around the World.

The future of English?
was published by the British Council in 1997, and has become an authoritative source of information and ideas about the English language and globalisation. You can now download it here for free by clicking on the cover image.

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How to prepare for IELTS
by Ray de Witt

This set of preparation materials for IELTS (International English Language Testing System) candidates is fully revised in line with the new format and contains substantial reading and writing exercises. It familiarises students with the format and content of the test and practises the major skills needed, with guidance on exam technique. It is suitable for home study or for use in class. The book and accompanying cassette contain a range of practical exercises covering all the subtests. The book comes complete with an answer key and a transcript of the cassette recordings.

ISBN 0 86355175 0 - individual set (one copy each of the book and the cassette)

ISBN 0 86355 178 5 - Class set (twenty copies of the book and two copies of the cassette)

Language teaching for business

A video and resource book designed for teachers wishing to teach English in a business context. The video contains footage of authentic business English classes with experienced teachers and includes examples of role plays and simulations, teaching presentation skills, needs analysis and one-to-one tuition. The accompanying book contains lesson plans, interviews with teachers and learners, and photocopiable worksheets.

ISBN 0 86355 161 0 - PAL VHS video and book

ISBN 0 86355 173 4 - NTSC VHS video and book

Self-access guides
Various authors
A series of guides aimed at teachers and administrators involved in setting up and running resource and self-access centres for EFL. Each volume examines a different issue and offers practical guidance.

Self-access: setting up a centre by Judy McCall
The first volume in the series addresses the concerns of people faced with the immediate task of setting up systems, fitting out premises, and choosing materials and equipment. ISBN 0 86355129 7

Self-access: appropriate technology by Caroline Moore
Provides practical advice on how to choose and exploit audio, video, computers and multimedia in a self-access context. ISBN 0 86355130 0

Self-access: preparation and training by Gill Sturtridge
A guide to preparing staff and learners to use self-access centres. Includes photocopiable group exercises for use in training sessions. ISBN 0 86365 131 9

Self-access: appropriate material by Dorothea Carvalho
An introductory guide to choosing and adapting materials for use in self-access centres, with practical examples which may be photocopied. ISBN 0 86365 206 4

Self-access: classification and retrieval by Philip Booton and Phil Benson
An introduction to the library skills required for self-access centre management. Topics covered include classification, cataloguing and indexing, including computer applications, with practical examples. ISBN 0 86365 l59 9

Set of 5 guides ISBN 0 86355 l74 2

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