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The A. S. Hornby Educational Trust Schools

The A. S. Hornby Educational Trust helps to fund regional schools, i.e. themed workshops with the British Council for teachers of English, often working alongside the British Council's ELTeCS scheme.


    Sub-Saharan Africa Hornby Regional School

  • Nigeria: 11-17 January 2004

    Title: Talking to the airwaves: using the radio for teacher development - a British Council-/BBC-organised Hornby School

    Venue: National Teachers Institute, Kaduna

    Participants learned how to tailor BBC programmes for English learners and teachers, and then to re-broadcast them to local or national audiences.

    Contact: taiwo.famogbiyele@ng.britishcouncil.org

    Follow-up: Report on the School (MS Word format 28 KB)

    Hornby Regional School in Sri Lanka

  • Colombo: 31 January to 9 February 2004

    Title: Innovative use of resources in ELT

    Venue: Wadduawa (Western Province, Sri Lanka)

    Core modules: exploiting existing resources; evaluating and adapting ELT resources; innovative teaching methods; new trends in ELT resources; and new activities for inside and outside the classroom.

    Contact: Projects and Training Unit, British Council, Colombo, Sri Lanka - projects@britishcouncil.lk

    Website: http://www.britishcouncil.lk/english/hornby2004.htm

    Hornby Regional Schools in Europe and Central Asia

    During the summer of 2004, British Council offices from Croatia, the Czech Republic, Poland and Romania are organising a programme of regional teacher development schools with the generous financial support of the A.S. Hornby Educational Trust. These schools are open to teachers from Europe and from further afield.

  • Croatia, in partnership with Hungary: 11-23 July 2004

    Title: Leadership and facilitation skills for ELT professionals

    Venue: Osijek, Croatia

    This course is aimed at teachers of English and teacher trainers who take on leadership roles whether as team leaders, project co-ordinators, events organisers or course tutors.

    Contact: Roy.Cross@britishcouncil.hr

  • Czech Republic: 11-23 July 2004

    Titles of schools:

    1. Teaching young learners for a European future
    2. Teaching English to the new European professionals

    Venue: Janske Lazne - Business School for Disabled Students

    1. Teaching young learners for a European future -
    This summer school will investigate most recent trends in TEYL, with a European intercultural focus. Materials will be produced and shared.

    2. Teaching English to the new European professionals -
    An overview of approaches to teaching ESP in secondary vocational schools to young people preparing for their future jobs in the EU working environment.

    Contact: Olga.Kolovratova@britishcouncil.cz

  • Poland: 1-14 August 2004

    Title: Intercultural Studies on the web: methodology and materials - 'Europe'

    Venue: GNIEZNO - The European College, Poznan University

    We are inviting teachers interested in intercultural studies who are keen to produce teaching materials directly for the web (see: http://elt.britcoun.org.pl). The overall theme this year is to be 'Europe', a topic with great potential for bringing cultures together.

    Contact: Wojciech.Drajerczak@britishcouncil.pl

  • Romania: 11-23 July 2004

    Title: Drama in education

    Venue: Miercurea-CIUC

    Drama can be used as a resource for teaching English and social studies. This seminar is suitable for secondary school teachers.

    Contact: Ruxandra.Popovici@britishcouncil.ro

Note: All information on the above schools, including the tutors' application procedures and the application process for participants, will be gradually published on the programme website, starting from 15 February 2004.

The site address is: http://elt.britcoun.org.pl

Previous years


In 2003, there were the following schools:



(Text updated January 2004)

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