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Hornby regional school - Romania


13-25 July 2003

A personal account - High on the milk of human kindness

"High on the milk of human kindness, we rode a rollercoaster of emotions through Human Rights and explored Ireland. Then, fortified by Irish whiskey (and red wine at 'Ferdinand's') we confirmed that in spite of all our different languages we can communicate....!"

Sabiha Khuram, Vladica Rakic, Rasmiya Badirova, Aiman Amandossova and Barbora Budikova.

Does it seem too much for a start? NO! on a Human Rights course nothing is too much!

When I first applied for the course I hadn't anticipated so much learning, such deeply felt empathy, so many emotions and of course so much fun! During the sessions there were times when I felt like a child: lost, sad, angry, helpless! and then there were times I felt strong, powerful, able to make a difference, to change something, to add a small piece of rock in the construction of bridges that will bring humans closer.

I am member of a minority community and I was so much used to reflecting on issues just through the eyes of a minority person, mostly subjective and biased against the majority perspective. During the first week of the course I met people who although they were members of a majority group were so "human" that they were able to empathise with "minority" groups; show real interest and get emotionally involved. That was something new for me ... they made me realise that there are also other ways to look at things and alternative solutions to deal with abuse of rights in general. My sincerest thanks to my friends.

It is hard to believe that I actually had the chance to taste "hot toddy", dance traditional Romanian, Pakistani and Serbian folk dances, meet King Ferdinand in the rooms of Peles Castle and discover some parts of history that were new to me. Walking through the woods of Sinaia, by the river, I also discovered that human beings can understand and feel for each other regardless of their cultural background and language as long as they give something from the heart to each other.

So, thanks to Ruxandra, Stefan, Mark, Roxana and Cristina for giving us a voice.

After all, one thing is for sure: you never stop learning and feeling. I really feel lucky to be part of this unique, interactive, caring, educational group, to grow within it and take so many steps forward with each activity, be able to see through the eyes of each and every personality and to discover something of you in each identity.

Dildar Machmet

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