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Introducing Elton and the Innovation Awards
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The Innovation Awards

1. Aim

The Education UK ELT Innovation Awards have two main aims:

1.1. To maintain and enhance the UK's reputation for excellence in ELT by:
  • encouraging UK providers of English language training products and services to develop innovative and successful products, services and approaches to the learning of English as a foreign language
  • recognising significant and innovative advances in the theory of ELT learning and teaching, or the research underpinning this, which have been developed in the UK.
  • 1.2. To provide information for the British Council, in particular the Prime Minister's Initiative/Education UK, on effective and innovative products and services from the UK, which can be used to promote UK ELT products and services through British Council offices worldwide.

    2. Prizes

    There will be three cash awards in each year of 1,000 each. These will be each be awarded to an individual or team associated with one of the winning innovations. Individuals will be nominated by the institutions or companies applying for the award at the time of entry.

    2.1. The Innovation Awards Management Committee reserve the right not to make awards if the required standards are not met in any given year, or to make special awards in the case of exceptionally high numbers and quality of entries.

    3. Judging

    The awards will be judged by the Innovation Awards Management Committee. The Committee's decision will be final.

    4. Shortlisting

    No more than twelve entries will be shortlisted for the awards. Institutions and/or companies which have produced innovations which are shortlisted will benefit from additional promotion through the British Council. Please note however that the British Council reserves the right not to provide additional promotion to shortlisted products or services which subsequently are found not to meet a suitable standard.

    5. Subject areas

    Products and services in one or more of the following areas are eligible: UK ELT research: e.g. academic publications; dissertations; schemes of research; classroom-based action research UK ELT materials: e.g. coursebooks, supplementary materials; resource books for teachers UK ELT products and services: e.g. English language courses, examinations.

    Please note that resources and courses for English language teacher training/development are eligible for the awards. However candidates will be required to demonstrate that any product entered is of direct benefit to learners of English.


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