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Summary of entry and judging procedures
Description of the awards
Entry and judging procedures
Management committee
Entry Form
(no more entries for 2004)

1. Entrants read and understand:

  • eligibility requirements
  • criteria for judging
  • procedures
(All the above information is posted on the British Council website.)

2. Entrants complete and submit the entry form by email and in signed hard copy by post, by midnight GMT on 30 September 2003. At this stage, entrants submit only the entry form. There is no entry fee for the awards.

3. Entries are checked by the British Council for basic criteria. Entries which do not meet the basic criteria are eliminated. Basic criteria are:

  • eligibility
  • form completed correctly
  • entry received by closing date.

4. Entries are shortlisted by the Innovation Awards Management Committee against the stated criteria to twelve entries shortlisting to be completed by 14 November 2003.

5. Shortlisted entrants (contact person and award nominee) are invited to the Awards Event, and asked to submit supplementary information/samples by 12 December 2003. This may consist of:

  • Products: exams/tests: sample papers/test items; courses: course descriptions, brochures
  • Materials: sample materials/coursebooks/websites
  • Research: summary of research findings and practical implications
  • All areas: user feedback.
Six copies of all supplementary information will be required.

Please note: additional copies of supplementary information may be requested; supplementary information will not normally be returned.

6. Three Award winners are selected by Innovation Awards Management Committee by 27 February 2004.

6.1. The Management Committee reserves the right to call on expert/practitioner advice where necessary.

7. The winners are announced at the Awards Event, March 2004.

¹ Shortlisted entries will be promoted through the British Council in 2004-5 through the Prime Minister's Initiative
² Names and addresses of users whose feedback is quoted must be available

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