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Innovation Award Winners 2003

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The Innovation Awards ceremony 2003 took place at the Delfina Gallery in East London.

The guest speaker at the event was Scott Thornbury, chosen by our teaching centres in a poll to find the most innovative ELT writer today.

ELTons were presented to the following UK ELT innovators:

Tim Kelly and Hilary Nesi , Warwick university
Fiona Joseph, Flo-Joe
Martin Mulloy, BBC Worldwide

Tim Kelly and Hilary Nesi, Warwick University

Tim Kelly and Hilary Nesi won their award for an idea to improve the listening skills of international students studying in English. The six units focus on different aspects of lectures and contain 89 video excerpts from University lectures, including Germaine Greer talking about how women are portrayed in the media.

The units become progressively more challenging and include work on vocabulary, note-taking, and language. Learners can request assistance in the form of transcriptions, cultural notes, a dictionary, a grammar book, notepad pages, and feedback

Fiona Joseph and Peter Travis, Flo-Joe

Flo-joe runs an online portal for students all around the world who are preparing for the Cambridge ESOl exams. The students can get a wide range of interactive exam-style tests and tasks, a weekly newsletter for each exam with study and examiner's tips, and background information and support for prospective exam takers.

Martin Mulloy, BBC Worldwide

BBC Worldwide's 'Goal' is a media course for self-study English Learners, based on a football television drama for broadcast and video.


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