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Edited by Hamish McIlwraith, PEP Manager, Bulgaria.

An MOD PEP perspective
Lt Colonel John Herring Royal Marines, DCEE, Ministry of Defence, London.
Since joining the UK MOD’s Directorate for Central and Eastern Europe (DCEE) in November 2000 I have visited a number of countries to discuss the UK programme of military co-operation - known as the Outreach Programme.

Spotlight on the summer school training system
By Hamish McIlwraith PEP Manager, Bulgaria.
Recently the number and scope of the summer schools offered by PEP has expanded. This is a response to the increasing need to help realise a key PEP aim – the creation of an environment for national and international ELT-system sustainability.

Getting in shape for the summer
Julie Mezera PEP Manager, Czech Republic.
At the end of theTRUMP Testing Summer School in Sofia last summer, the trainers decided to plan the next one for Prague.

Teacher training in a castle
Lisa A. Hima US ELT Co-ordinator, Slovak MOD
When I heard that I was selected for a three-year assignment in the Slovak Republic, I never imagined that I would have the opportunity to assist in the training of such a fine group of English teachers from Slovakia and neighbouring countries.

A week in the working life of ...
Wing Commander Andrew Kerr, UK Defence Attaché, South Caucasus

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