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HamishEdited by Hamish McIlwraith, PEP Manager, Bulgaria.

Working for a ticket-less testing system
teamThere seemed to be so many other more pressing issues that the project should be working on with the Uzbek MOD and the commandants of the military colleges and the Military Academy.

Sauna virgins and tiger teams
RobertIn June and September 2002 Justice and Home Affairs PEP Estonia ran two residential courses for principal project leaders in the police and at the Police Foreign Relations Board. The courses were the result of a request by the Board for help with English language training and it transpired that they created ideal opportunities to test two innovations.

Double PEP nuptials
weddingsOn 1 June there was a double wedding celebration.

Moving materials out by the truckload
Phil DexterAndrew Jones Teacher Trainer, PEP Latvia, arrived in Latvia last December. Chris Lawrence, the PEP Manager, arranged some classes for him to observe in order to get a fuller picture of classroom practice within Justice and Home Affairs.

Breaking down age-old barriers in Ukraine
Teachers and trainers who, while working for the same project and even sometimes in the same city, frequently have very little contact or knowledge of the different and frequently similar challenges faced by each other.

A week in the working life of . . .
Mark Mark Crossey PEP Manager, Poland

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