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  The British Council in Partnership with the Christian Relief and Development Association (CRDA) have recently launched the Development Information Network on Ethiopia (DEVINET), a web-based gateway to development information on Ethiopia (now live at

The aim of this network is to support the development of civil society through collating, organising and publishing information generated by Civil Society Organisations (NGOs) and other development organisations in Ethiopia.


  • to create a Web-based information gateway for development information on Ethiopia
  • to improve communication and information- sharing
  • to support NGOs in developing their own Web sites
  • to support NGOs to utilise Internet resources
  • to promote networking and facilitate discussions on development issues of common interest
  • DEVINET holds major databases for public access on a public domain Internet site.

    Organisations database : a directory of NGOs working in Ethiopia in the development field. This database is useful for organisations who wish to build partnerships, share experience, find work and facilitate the grant application process.

    Key documents database: key documents for professionals in the development field. The documents include key papers that are topical, authoritative and difficult to obtain from other sources.

    Projects database: documents on development projects in Ethiopia for the use of organisations who would like to learn from the experience of others, avoid duplication, provide case-studies for reports, provide or receive funding and sponsorship.

    DEVINET facilities

    Discussion forum: This acts as a "meeting room" for users to share in a public discussion on important and topical issues. Moderated by the DEVINET team or one of the partners, the forum provides a platform for people with common interests to meet and exchange ideas virtually.

    Development news: DEVINET also provides an electronic newspaper which is an effective instrument to obtain up-to-date information on areas of interest. With contributors from the development community, the development newspaper facilitates information-sharing such as: success stories from NGOs; information on various campaigns and events; latest resolutions and legal documents from the Government; and further information required by a development manager.

    Mailing list: To be used by members and partners including those interested in development issues in Ethiopia to proactively exchange information

    Other services of the DEVINET

  • Provides training on Web publishing and the Internet. Since its officially launched on 06 November 2001, 40 NGOs trained on the use of internet, web publishing and use of the DEVINET web site
  • Provides technical support and consultancy services in creating and updating Web sites during and after the training
  • Provides IT infrastructure and free Web space on the network's server (courtesy of the British Council and CRDA) to develop your own Web sites
  • Members can also borrow books and documents on development issues, back issues of journals and documentary videos

    How do you become a member of DEVINET?

    NGOs and Development Organisations who wish to benefit from the range of services provided by DEVINET may complete application form available at the British Council and send with an annual membership fee of 900 Birr.

    For more details, please contact:

    Abebe Chekol: Head, Information Services
    Genet Awlachew: Development Information Officer
    Adwa Avenue, Artistic Building
    PO Box 1043
    Addis Ababa
    Telephone 251-1-55 00 22
    Fax 251-1-55 25 44

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