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British Council KLC and Knowledge UK pages
Background information
Online courses for self-tuition
BBC becoming WebWise
A step-by-step internet course aimed to produce confident internet users. Attractively presented, for general use, it is divided into sections with quizzes and interactive tasks. Fun to follow, suitable for children and adults, you can dip into it or follow the complete course. Suitable for absolute beginners – provided their English is adequate for following the course.

BBC study skills websites
BBC’s selection of online courses covering a range of study skills: includes internet use, preparing for exams, and planning to study. The list changes as new resources are selected.

Big Blue - list of online information skills courses
The Big Blue project surveyed current practice in Information Skills Training for students in Higher and Post- 16 Education.
The project aimed to establish a blueprint, ensuring a coherent approach to the development of an information literate student population in the UK.
(see below) The project published a list of all the online information skills courses it discovered, which is given here

British Council - Electronic Launchpad
An online course for British Council staff. Could this be adapted for external use?
British Council - Learn English
The most well-known and popular online British Council course. How much is this promoted by information staff? How visible is it on local Web sites?

Learndirect is the Web presence of the UK’s University for Industry. At present registration and support for courses is only offered to UK residents, but the site offers “taster courses,” free of charge, for people anywhere in the world to try out. Useful for anyone considering an online course and wanting to see what it’s like first. A wide range of subjects is included.

Open University - learning guides
This site offers a range of learning skills resources - you can spend time on a broad area, such as revising for exams, or you can dip into sections within each resource.
Open University – Safari
The OU offers “a guided expedition through the information world. We hope that it will help you to feel more confident about finding, evaluating, and using information”. Contents include: Understanding information -Unpacking information - Planning a search - Searching for information -Evaluating information - Organising information

RDN Virtual Training Suite
A set of online tutorials designed to help students, lecturers and researchers improve their Internet, information literacy, and IT skills. There are quizzes and interactive exercises to lighten the learning experience. Tutorials suitable for FE and HE are provided, covering sixty different subjects. Tutorials have a similar structure, including quick tours, interactive exercises, quizzes and self-assessment.

Note the section on “Resource Discovery Network” above

TONIC stands for The Online Netskills Interactive Course. It is an interactive tutorial on using the Internet, produced by Netskills with support from the JISC. It provides a structured overview of networking and the Internet with step-by-step, practical guidance on a range of topics. TONIC has been approved by the National Grid for Learning. And is particularly useful for providing an overall understanding of what the internet is and how it works. It complements the RDN-VTS that is more concerned with guidance on content.

Use of the TONIC course is free, but users need to register so that the system can track progress.

Guides and gateways from the UK
BBC learning for adults
BBC’s selection of the “best sites for learners from across
the internet”. Aimed at the general public, resources support learning for ICT, personal, and subject skills.

BBC Web guide
BBC’s selection of the best non-BBC Web sites, covering topics such as health, careers, adult learning, science, history, arts, travel, and hobbies
BUBL Information Service
BUBL is a national information service for the higher education community, run by the Centre for Digital Library Research at the University of Strathclyde in Scotland. BUBL aims to “offer fast, easy-to-use and reliable access to selected high-quality resources of academic relevance”

HERO (Higher Education & Research Opportunities in the UK) is the new (2003) official gateway site to the UK's universities, colleges and research organisations. The NISS Campus site is now incorporated in this new service.

JISC resource guides
JISC is the Joint Information Systems Committee, an independent advisory body that works with further and higher education in the UK, providing strategic guidance, advice and opportunities to use ICT to support learning, teaching, research and administration. It introduces its guides thus: “Resource Guides exist in both print and web formats. They offer a subject-based overview of the key resources that are available to all in the post-16 education sector. Each Resource Guide has been compiled by an Adviser, a subject specialist, who, in consultation with members of their particular subject community, has selected, described and provided links to key resources within their subject area”.

National Grid for Learning
A UK government funded resource for teachers and learners. This is a gateway to educational resources on the Internet. The NGfL provides a network of selected links to web sites that offer high quality content and information.

Netskills provides high quality Internet training services to facilitate the effective use of Internet and Intranet technologies for teaching and learning, research, administration, marketing and other business activities. Originally a JISC sponsored project, it continues to serve higher education in the UK, but now also provides services to further education and public library communities. The British Council’s Internet Business Development unit holds a licence to use Netskills training materials.

NISS education information
The NISS Campus site has now moved to become part of HERO.

Links to the old NISS url should now be changed

Open University - good study guides
These pages give details of all the study guides published by the OU. You can order printed versions online and you can download tasters of each publication.
Resource Discovery Network (RDN)
The RDN is a collaboration of over seventy educational and research organisations. It gathers resources which are selected, indexed and described by subject specialists in partner institutions. It collects and provides access to Web sites relevant to learning, teaching and research. Primarily intended for the UK higher education community, it now includes resources for further education. See also the RDN Virtual Training Suite.

UK online
This is the Web gateway to all UK government sites


British Council KLC and Knowledge UK pages
BC India's KLC pages                 
 These sites bring together many recommended Web resources, including online tutorials and information gateways of general or specialist interest. They also provide easy access to the British Council’s own portals and Web resources.
BC Mombasa’s KnowledgeUK site
BC Serbia and Montenegro (formerly Yugoslavia)'s KLC pages

KnowledgeUK site
Background information
The Big Blue
The Big Blue project surveyed current practice in Information Skills Training for students in Higher and Post-16 Education. It aimed to support a coherent approach to the development of an information literate student population in the UK. The project ran from April 2001-July 2002.
People's Network
The People's Network is a project connecting all UK public libraries to the Internet, as part of the Government's commitment to give everyone in the UK the opportunity to get online. Lottery-funded by the New Opportunities Fund and managed by Resource, more than 4000 library centres have been created through the initiative.



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