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Susheela rocks Addis

Program Title
: Susheela Raman comes to Addis
Objective: Diversity, multi-ethnicity, and world music
Collaborators: British Council and Alliance Ethio-Francaise
Number of Participants: 500

'…Her breathy, slinky vocals matched by a rhythmic, growling bass-line, a bluesy riff from the guitar, jazz-tinged improvisation, and rattling percussion from the congas and tablas. Susheela Raman is that rarity: a genuine innovator,' wrote Robin Denselow from The Guardian describing his experience at one of her concerts.

On Friday 16 January Susheela Raman rocked Addis Ababa residents with a concert organised by the British Council and Alliance Ethio-Francaise at the Hilton Hotel. It was part of a partnership project representing the 100-year Entente Cordiale between France and the UK. Alliance Ethio Francaise held a weeklong Ethiopian Music Festival and Susheela Raman's concert was part of the festival.

Born in Britain and brought up all over the world including periods in  India where she studied classical Indian music before returning to the UK. She has been winning international recognition. She recently won the 2002 BBC World Music Award. She represents a very contemporary UK where independence, diversity and multi ethnicity are celebrated.

Her music is a mixture of genres influenced by Cranatic music (Indian cultural music dating back 300 years), Indian classical music, pop, rock, funk, reggae and Ethiopian music. The band members include guitarist Sam Mills from London, and a rousing rhythm section from Africa, including percussionist Djanuno Dabo from Guinea Bisau and Bassist from Phillipe de Rabo from Cameroun.

Susheela's latest album released 'Love Trap', is named after one of her songs from the album and is the English language version of Ethiopian singer/songwriter Mahmoud Ahmed's 'Behmen Sehbeb Letlash,' which translates to "it is impossible not to love you."

More on Susheela Raman at:



Renowned Ethiopian Saxophonist Getachew Mekuria

Sam Mills wowing the crowd 



8th International trade fair

British Council Ethiopia and the the British Embassy will participate in the 8th International Trade Fair, organised by the Addis Ababa Chamber of Commerce. It will be a shared stand with the British Embassy, British Council plans to showcase UK education and training, particularly in education: technical and vocational education, undergraduate and postgraduate programmes, short-term courses and distance learning. We also aim to promote our Knowledge and Learning Services and UK educational products including books and online resources. Our stand will be of particular interest to higher education institutions, schools, NGOs, parents and young professionals with aspirations. The International Trade Fair will take place 19-25 February 2004, at the Addis Ababa Exhibition Centre.  

Short term courses

  • Freedom of information( two -week study programme- London-Dublin, 22 March to 2 April 2004)
    Public Administration International in collaboration with Eunoia and the Institute of Public Administration, Dublin
  • When citizens complain(two - week study programme in the UK for ombudsman offices, complaint handling and human rights organisations - 10 to 21 May 2004)
    Public Administration International in association with the Commonwealth Secretariat Governance and Institutional Development Division

British Council seminars


Q&A with Menna Worede

Q&A with Menna Worede
What conditions must I meet to be a student in the UK?
The Immigration rules require students who wish to study in the UK to meet certain conditions that relate to: the place where you wish to study, your course, your ability to follow the course, your finances, and your intentions during and after your studies.

For further information please visit I also give education counselling every Wednesday afternoon and Saturday. You can call me on +251 1 55 00 22 or email me on menna.worede








Planning a group presentation


Lobbying for change

Program Title: Building capacity in NGO's
Objective: To encourage the participation of Ethiopian women in electioneering.  Project was supported by the British Embassy

By Gil Long from the Active Learning Centre

Building skills and knowledge of advocacy and lobbying through a training of trainers is helping Ethiopian women understand how to bring about change, in particular getting more women involved in the electioneering process. Recently, the core team of 23 trainers delivered training to an audience of 553 people and that 12 of the 19 workshops conducted took place outside of Addis, fulfilling the objective of building capacity of the smaller NGOs that work in the regions. Audiences for these workshops included the NGO's staff members, partner NGOs and CBOs, and, in some cases, local government officials.

Advocacy and lobbying are new concepts for a large number of NGOs, whose main focus is typically on service delivery. More than ever, it is important to assess the impact of this training effort. Several trainers reported that new ideas were now being mainstreamed into their work; one or two appointed advocacy officers: "My organisation has been devoted to advocating women's rights…presently the staff are using the training materials, and during staff meetings we discuss the issue, the approach and technique."

Trainers reported having become much more confident through their experience of delivering local workshops. They also used their training skills to lobby for change themselves. One trainer reported that she had successfully lobbied for a plot of land for a youth sports centre. Others reported campaigns against early marriage. Yet another lobbied parents, elders and officials to extend the local school capacity. Finally, another is working with local authorities to implement an environmental policy on the planting of eucalyptus.

Where local government officials had been included in the training, project members reported a much greater understanding of the role of NGOs, a willingness to work alongside them and take on some of their ideas about how to do things. As one trainer commented, "Locally we can establish a dialogue-all we need to do now is to do this at the national level."














Observing peers presentation



Dates for February International English Language Testing System (IELTS) Test
14 & 26 February 2004

Both dates open for registration

For further information please contact Deborah Abebe Educations Support & Exams Officer at  



Getting it right!


Celebrating success


Strengthening justice through police

Objective: To assist participants develop high order solutions for better performance of the justice system
Number of Participants: 25

"Now I know that there is a planned and logical way to put together a proposal. I have learnt the importance of knowing what the actual problem is, indicators of the solutions and identifying who can assist us," said Inspector Aster Andulam from the Sendafa Police College regarding the workshop she attended for three days.

The Project Design Workshop was conceived and operated by British Council Director to Ethiopia, Michael Moore. As part of an ongoing effort to further build the capacity and improve the justice sector within Ethiopia, the workshop was given to 25 police participants at the Sendafa Police College in mid-January.

W/rt Mulu Abraham, Police College Forensic and Investigation Department Head, was clearly appreciative of the program given by British Council: "I plan to upgrade my department with, for instance, better equipment, etc. Through this workshop it has become clearer on how I should plan and design my future vision for the department. Getting funds for the project is an integral part of implementing the project, and this is what the workshop has helped me learn!"

The workshop took a very practical approach, with group work and presentations expected from its participants. "British Council’s various dedication and efforts in improving this sector are truly commendable," concludes Commander Abebe Muluneh, a participant himself.



Organising committee from our office and the College



Management Resources Centre

The War for Talent


New arrivals

Management resource centre

Title: The War for Talent
Author: Ed Michaels, Helen Handfield-Jones, Beth Axelrod

The War for Talent is a great book for the leaders of an organisation. The basic premise of this book is that the ability to attract, retain and engage the best talent available will give your organisation a competitive edge in the marketplace.

English language teaching centre

Title: Storytelling with Children
Author: Andrew Wright Series Editor: Alan Maley

Exploits children's natural love of stories by using them to develop an awareness of the sound and feel of English, and an understanding of language points. It also presents a wide variety of ideas for using stories to teach English to children.

Title: Focus on IELTS: Teacher's Book (FOCU)
Author: Sue O'Connell

This IELTS preparation course provides exam skills development and graded practice. It includes: exam briefings and task approach boxes; extra grammar, vocabulary and writing practice; a key language bank; and a writing practice bank.



English Language Teaching Centre

Storytelling with Children

Mrs. Weubamlak Eshetu Mengistu

Success abroad!

Lancaster University Management School in northwest England has recently announced the outstanding award of a Masters degree with Distinction to our very own Mrs. Weubamlak Eshetu Mengistu of Addis Ababa. She graduated with an MA in Human Resource Development and Consulting in December 2003.

Before Mrs. Weubamlak went to Lancaster, she obtained her BA in English and a BA in Political Science and International Relations at Addis Ababa University. She won the prestigious Chevening Scholarship to fund her studies at Lancaster.

"The course I have taken in Lancaster will equip me with the necessary knowledge and skills which are helpful to me in developing myself and my work," said Mrs. Weubamlak. She is currently employed at the Federal Civil Service Commission in Addis Ababa as a Senior Training Expert.

Congratulations to you Mrs. Weubamlak!



The British Chevening Scholarships, funded by the Foreign and Commonwealth Office and administered by the British Council, are prestigious awards which enable overseas students to study in the United Kingdom.




Opening speech by Mr. Markos Lake of British Council

Ato Berhane Mewa President of the Chamber of Commerce


The Scoop on entrepreneurship

From payroll to self employment

Program Title: Monthly British Council best-practices presentation and discussion
Objective: To bring together community members for continuing education
Number of Participants: 40

On Tuesday, December 30, 2003, Ato Berhane Mewa gave a talk on "Entrepreneurship." His speech was part of British Council's networking program for Ethiopian management professionals and practitioners whose objective is to influence management thinking by creating awareness of best practices. Forty people, including experts, investors, and young professionals who have potential in the field, attended and reported being highly impressed by the lecture.

Ato Berhane is a very knowledgeable person and a man of great influence. In his 34 years of professional experience, he has worked in 33 different organisations including factories, societies, chambers of commerce, and ministries. He has held positions from president to general manager to owner. In addition, he has led numerous boards, committees, and councils. He has earned six awards from various organisations for his outstanding performance.

Ruth Matias, one of the attendees at the lecture, is a schoolteacher at School of Tomorrow: "I attended the lecture in the expectation of getting a general idea about the business world. I plan to start my own business, but I did not have a clue where to begin. Now the talk has encouraged me to get on with the business that I planned to start."

The British Council Management Resource Centre holds these discussion sessions every month. For more information, please contact Ejigayehu Zewdie, the manager of the Management Resource Centre:                

More on Entrepreneurship:




Active participants at the discussion







Reaching out to female MPs in Eastern Africa

Program Title: Communication skills for female MPs
Objective: To provide communication skills
Collaborators: British Council and PanAfrica

British Council Ethiopia is assisting a PanAfrica project through the development of a new product and service with application for countries in Eastern Africa. The output of the project will be the development of communication skills for women MPs in Ethiopia and Eastern Africa. In the initial stages, a team of high-quality local ELT professionals will be trained by a UK consultant in needs analysis and development of course materials. Through a process of revision, the materials will be refined using face-to-face and distance support of the consultant. The final materials will be used by the local team to teach the MPs.

Work is underway with a UK consultant, York Associates, to develop needs-analysis instruments, procedure and description, and above all a course that will work in a broader context than just Ethiopia.

British Council is working in consultation with offices in the region to get involved by sending one woman MP or data for the needs analysis and eventual development of a communication skills training package.




The British Embassy and the British Council will be participating in the annual Addis Ababa Chamber International Trade Fair from 19-25 February 2004 at the Addis Ababa Exhibition Centre.   Visit us at to know all about the Trade Fair.  You are also invited to visit our stand, which will be located in Platform One.  

Last year's winning stand


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