Governance and law

Media and Governance

Part 4:
Directory of people and organizations in Britain and continental Europe with experience of capacity building for the media to help strengthen emerging democracies and transitional economies

This directory was compiled in draft form by Jocelyn Mayne and Kevin d'Arcy and first distributed prior to the February meeting. It was finally edited by Kevin d'Arcy in March 1997 based mainly on additions and amendments received from individuals and organisations mentioned.


The entries in this Directory are based largely on input from the subjects. Notwithstanding the efforts of the consultants, not all relevant organisations or individuals responded to requests for details of their experience or capabilities. Therefore it cannot purport to be complete.

We shall try to update and extend the Directory over time. Any person or organisation wishing to amend an entry, or to include a new entry, should contact me at the British Council (contact details below).

In the near future, a permanent mechanism for updating the Directory will be established we hope with EDI assistance.

Please note that the fact that an organisation or individual is included in this Directory does not constitute an endorsement by the British Council or EDI of the capabilities of the organisation or person involved. Similarly, omission of any relevant resource centre or person does not indicate that we do not recognise their contribution. It means that our enquiries, though exhaustive, have not yet encompassed the organisation or person involved. We apologise in advance for such cases but feel that it is nonetheless timely to publish now the results compiled so far. Compilation of directories is inevitably an unending task. In publishing this volume, we are taking only the first step.

We should be very pleased to receive feedback from users and other interested parties on this Report and Directory.

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