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Media training summary


Journalism Training-Press interviews
Duration: 1997-2000
Objective: Promotion of government in Bangladesh concentrating on Media.

Workshop, Investigative Journalism feature Writing and Editing
Duration: 1997-2000
Objective: Promoting links with UK and Bangladeshi newspaper editors and journalists

Transparency International-Study visits to UK to study investigative journalism in British Media
Duration: 1997-2000
Objective:Developing investigative reporting skills


Commonwealth Press Union seminar for Cameroonian journalists
Duration: July 1997
Objective: Building election monitoring and series of journalism workshops to continue development programmes in public and private sector orgs, by December 1997

Media Training
Duration: 1997/8
Objective: Improving Cameroonian reporting of elections


Media Training-In Country training
Duration: 1997/8
Objective: Supporting the media through training in country and contributing to development of a civil society


Seminar on campaigning, presentation skills, and interview preparation for women and men involved in media coverage of politics
Duration: 1996
Objective: Improving professionalism of media

Journalism Training Project-Series of in-country training seminars
Duration: 1994-1996
Objective: Enhance Ghanaian journalists to operate efficiently.

Enhance Ghanaian journalists to operate efficiently
Duration: 1997/8
Objective: Strengthening media and poverty alleviation

British Council International Seminars
Duration: 1997/8
Objective: Aiming to encourage cultural and scientific exchange


Young Indian Journalists
Duration: 1996
Objective: Improving skills, introduce current British trends in journalism and media


Reporting in Kenya-Team-up with Commonwealth Press Union to run reporting skills workshop for print media journalists
Duration: 1997
Objective: Organisation of training in election reporting


Corruption: Courses for senior newscasters and radio journalists
Duration: 1996 onwards
Objective: Supporting Lagos Business School and first workshop of Transparency International

South Africa

Support for Commonwealth Broadcasting Association training initiatives with SABC
Duration: 1997-2000
Objective: Contributing to capacity building at national, provincial and local government levels


Course run with Tanzania section of the Commonwealth Press Union with Kenya, Uganda, Malawi, Zambia and Tanzania
Duration: March 1997
Objective: Advancing freedom of press; promoting understanding and goodwill in the Commonwealth

Civic Education by Radio
Duration: 1994-1996
Objective: Reporting and monitoring of project activities and financial administration.


Ministry of Information and Broadcast Services-Study visits and short courses
Duration: January 1994 - March 1995
Objective: Assistance in Media and Information services reform

Media Training-Workshops for senior politicians
Duration: 1997
Objective: Improving communication skills

Governance and Media-Pilot project
Duration: 1997-1999
Objective: Increasing by March 1999 effectiveness of the communication and other links between policy-makers, the media and civic society.


Series of workshops and seminars-Journalism and the Media
Duration: 1993-1996
Objective: Providing opportunity for high level presentation discussions and debates and free flow of information

Business Reporting and Public relations (ISD Seminars)
Duration: 1997/8
Objective: Increasing participation by thirty-five per cent in central and local government







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