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Economics and Management
  In the world of the post-cold war Washington Consensus, economic liberalisation is a global phenomenon. A sound economy is the foundation on which a modern democratic society is built. The UK has experience to share from privatisation to corporate social responsibility, in the public sector and in the private sector.

Project Example

The British Council in New Delhi is collaborating with the New Academy of Business in the UK and partners in India in a grant funded project to promote awareness of corporate social responsibility as an issue and to find ways of sharing experience. After initial collaboration on a large scale conference in Delhi the Council is now using the new Knowledge and Learning Centre to put in place a distance learning programme in this newly developing field which is important to businesses, to government and to consumers.

Key resource

We commission briefing documents on key current topics to help our global governance network plan their programmes. The documents provide a short overview of the topic, a guide to key institutions and resources and ideas for potential projects. Recent examples are on Corporate Social Responsibility which is an issue of increasing importance as economic liberalisation which is an aspect of ongoing globalisation emphasises the wider social role of businesses; and a forthcoming briefing on Political and Administrative Corruption which reflects concerns with standards of conduct in public life.

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