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Ethnicity and Communities

Ethnicity is a key element of an individuals identity. Within a society, sometimes as a result of a process of migration, ethnicity has implications for social inclusion and access to rights at both the national and international level

Work in this area will focus on key UK developments and networks at both policy and civil society levels with the aim of building the British Council Information Resource to support activities of the global governance network and enable us to positively demonstrate that the UK is an ethnically diverse society.

Project example

In February and March 2003 we will hold a series of consultation meetings with Minority Ethnic Diaspora and Faith Communities across the UK, incororating research , to assist the British Council in developing a long term strategy for engagement with diverse UK Communities. This will contribute to the continued development of the UK component of the Connecting Futures initiative http://www.connectingfutures.com


Cultural Breakthrough http://www.culturalbreakthrough.co.uk
Cultural Breakthrough explores the barriers, benefits and opportunities for greater connection across cultures in Britain and beyond.

F.A.I.R (Forum Against Islamophobia and Racism) http://www.fairuk.org
FAIR is an independent charity organisation established for the purpose of raising general awareness of and combating Islamophobia and related prejudices and practises.

Open Society Institute EU Accession Monitoring Program - Monitoring Minority Protection in the EU: The Situation of Muslims in the UK http://www.eumap.org/reports/2002/content/09
The EU Accession Monitoring Program (EUMAP) is a program of the Open Society Institute that is monitoring human rights and the rule of law in ten Central-Eastern European and five largest EU countries.

Minority Rights Group International (MRG) http://www.minorityrights.org/ works to secure the rights of ethnic, religious and linguistic minorities and indigenous peoples worldwide, and to promote cooperation and understanding between communities.They have recently published a report Muslims in Britain which is available as hard copy or by downloading a pdf file from: http://www.minorityrights.org/OnlineReports/OnlineReport.asp?ID=23

Refugee Week http://www.refugeeweek.org.uk/
Refugee Week 16-22 June is a nation-wide programme of arts, cultural and educational events that celebrate cultural diversity and promote understanding about the reasons why people seek sanctuary.

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