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Violence against Women Directory


As part of their efforts to promote gender equality and the status of women around the world, the British Council commissioned the Child and Woman Abuse Studies Unit at the University of North London to compile a directory of their extensive knowledge of the institutions and organisations in the UK that are working in the field of violence against women. Although not an exhaustive listing of all of the organisations operating in this sphere in the UK, the Directory has made an attempt to incorporate organisations and individuals from as broad a geographical distribution across the UK as possible. The directory lists organisations according to the chief focus of their work but at the end of each section is a list of other entries also relevant to that area which have been located elsewhere in the Directory. The focus areas under which organisations are listed are as follows:

  1. Awareness / Training Initiatives
  2. Campaigning Initiatives
  3. Health Initiatives
  4. Housing Initiatives
  5. Legal Initiatives
  6. Local and National Policy Initiatives
  7. Policing Initiatives
  8. Research Units
  9. Support services for
    1. Adult Survivors of Child Sexual Abuse
    2. Domestic Violence
    3. Rape
    4. Young Women
  10. Other Organisations Providing Support/Information
  11. Working with Offenders

The Child and Woman Abuse Studies Unit ( September 2001)

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