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Gender in the Mediterranean: Emerging Practices and Discourses conference 5 - 7 March 2004

Venue: Intercollege, Nicosia, Cyprus

On the occasion of International Women’s Day, the Mediterranean Institute of Gender Studies (MIGS) in collaboration with the British Council are running a conference for scholars, researchers, professionals, activists and policy makers to exchange experiences, knowledge and insights as these relate to the analysis and activism on gender issues in the Mediterranean. It aims to provide interested parties from diverse backgrounds with an opportunity and a forum to explore how gender relates to key socio-economic and political issues in the Mediterranean. Participants will come together to explore and analyse issues and perspectives of gender as these affect and are affected by women’s and men’s cultural, economic, political and social realities in the Mediterranean on multiple levels, and encourage the exchange,debate and discussion of ideas/solutions for promoting gender equality and justice, build strategic regional alliances, strengthen advocacy campaigns and put new issues on the agenda of gender. The conference will provide a platform for a critical approach to profound global changes and their effects on the lives of women and men, and promote a trans-cultural dialogue amongst diverse Mediterranean voices.
The conference will be structured around plenary sessions, poster presentations and thematic workshops related to specific themes of gender in the Mediterranean. These will address, illuminate, integrate, question and deconstruct matters of gender in the Mediterranean. The areas to address are the following:

  • Human Rights
  • Social Exclusion - Otherhood - Discrimination
  • Interpersonal and Political/Ethnic Conflict and Violence
  • The role of NGO's - Resistance and empowerment
  • Sexuality - Genital Mutilation - Trafficking of women
  • Sustainable development and the Environment
  • Languages, images and representation / Media and fiction
  • Governance, leadership and decision making.
  • Gendered [Un]Employment
  • Religion
  • Immigration
    More information about hotels and rates as well as registration forms and other details [room sharing, transport from the airport etc] will become available for downloading on the conference web site and by contacting Ms Katerina Andronikou at the British Council as from October 1st at:
    Telephone +357 22 585232
    Fax +357 22 585239
    E-mail katerina.andronikou@britishcouncil.org.cy
    http://www.medinstgenderstudies.org [current events] and http://www.britishcouncil.org.cy
    or e-mail info@medinstgenderstudies.org

Conference fee: £50 Cyprus pounds [approximately 90 Euro]. The fee includes conference registration, the opening ceremony, 2 lunches, and tea/coffee throughout the conference. Special cases will be considered for a partial or full reduction in fee – please indicate accordingly on your registration form.
Grants to cover the full cost of attendance for one/two participants are available at the following British Council offices: Malta, Portugal, Spain, Serbia and Montenegro [other offices might also have funds]. Please contact the British Council Office in your country for further information.

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